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Ottobock Ankle Supports

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Ottobock Malleo TriStep Ankle Support
  • Systematic rehabilitation
  • Slight pronation
  • Planitgrade position
  • For various ankle injuries, diseases

Ottobock Malleo Neurexa Foot Support
  • Robust and durable ankle support
  • Corrects acute supination
  • Withstands spasticity of the foot and returns to neutral position
  • Straps hold foot in correct alignment

Ottobock Dyna Ankle Support
  • Limits rotation and plantar flexion and supination to prevent re-injury
  • Places foot in moderate dorsiflexion and pronation for comfort
  • Ideally worn during the night too for an improved outcome
  • Suitable for stabilising the joint immediately after an injury

Ottobock Malleo Sprint Ankle Support
  • For a range of ankle problems
  • Exoskeletal reinforcement
  • Limits eversion and inversion
  • Does not limit dorsal flexion

Ottobock Malleo Direxa Stirrup
  • Limits eversion and inversion
  • For lateral ligament ruptures 
  • Helps severe ankle distortion
  • Does not limit dorsal extension

Ottobock Elasticated Ankle Support
  • Ideal ankle sprain or instability
  • Can be used for all kinds of activities
  • Fits easily into the shoe
  • Good support, reduces swelling.

Ottobock Elastic Ankle Support
  • Wrap around provides light support
  • Ideal for sprained or swollen ankle
  • Fits easily into shoe
  • Can be used during light activities


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items