Orfilight Splinting Material
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Orfilight Splinting Material

  • Comfortable and extremely lightweight
  • Maximum stretch without tear
  • Reliable adhesive 
  • Available in various thicknesses, perforation types and colours
Perforation Type:  

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Orfilight Splinting Material

Orfilight Splinting Material features an extremely comfortable lightweight splinting material which is 15-20% lighter than other splinting materials on the market.  The splinting material has excellent elasticity, and can resist tearing upon maximum stretch (1000%).   Orfilight Splinting Material possesses reliable adhesion and low shrinkage, and can be remoulded if required.  

Orfilight Splinting Material Options

Orfilight Splinting Material measures at 45 cm x 60 cm and is available in various options based on thickness, perforation type and colour. 


Thickness (mm) Peroration Type Colour
1.6Micro PerforatedBlack
1.6Micro PerforatedBeige
2.5Micro PerforatedBlack
2.5Micro Plus PerforatedBeige
3.2Non PerforatedBlack
3.2Non PerforatedBeige
3.2Mini PerforatedBlack
3.2Mini PerforatedBeige





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