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Optometric Equipment

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Catford Drum
  • Objective examination
  • Detects Optokinetic Nystagmus
  • For babies and young children
  • Motor powered rotation

Motorised Four Sided Test Type
  • Illuminated panel
  • Rotating upper section;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Supplied with a wall mount

New Combined Grating Test
  • Apparatus for testing visual acuity levels
  • For testing infants, toddlers and young children
  • Suitable for testing individuals with intellectual impairment
  • Test kit includes 18 cards with gratings of varying frequencies

Manual Four Sided Test Type
  • Illuminated panel
  • Rotating upper section;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Supplied with a wall mount

Cardiff Acuity Test For Low Vision
  • Developed to test vision in toddlers (ages one - three years)
  • Suitable for older children and adults with intellectual impairment
  • Supports testing from 20/320 to 20/640 (6/96 to 6/192)
  • Kit includes 45 laminated cards with images

  • Accurately measures position of the globe
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for patients
  • Fast reproducible results

Cardiff Reduced Acuity Test
  • Cost-effective alternative to the Cardiff 4740R Standard Acuity Test
  • Suitable for testing visual acuity in children ages one to three years
  • Provides a rapid and accurate method for quantifying visual acuity
  • Consists of 30 laminated cards with printed optotypes

Cardiff Screening Test
  • A cost-effective alternative to the Cardiff 4740R Standard Acuity Test
  • For testing visual acuity in children ages 12 months to three years
  • Can be used to test older children/adults with intellectual impairment
  • Pack consists of 30 testing cards in a handy carry case

PA Vision Infant Acuity Flip Test
  • Chart for testing visual acuity in infants and toddlers
  • Can be used to test anyone with intellectual impairment
  • Enables visual acuity to be quantified accurately
  • Flip chart design for convenience and ease of use

New Children's Grating Test
  • Grating test kit made up of 10 cards
  • For testing visual acuity in infants/small children
  • Uses the Preferential Looking technique
  • Enables visual acuity to be quantified

Universal Contrast Flip Test
  • Kit for testing contrast sensitivity
  • Includes cards with pictures and letters
  • Can be used to test subjects of all ages
  • Portable and easy to use flip chart design

New Infant Grating Test
  • Accurate method for testing visual acuity
  • Designed specifically for testing infants
  • Uses grating patterns to assess vision
  • Consists of eight acuity testing cards

Illuminated Eye Test Charts
  • Illuminated letter pad or LED spotlight
  • Sleek and professional appearance
  • Low maintenance due to bulb's longevity 
  • Can be wall-mounted or stand alone

Mollon-Reffin Colour Vision Test
  • Quick and simple test to detect colour deficiencies
  • Can be used to test children, adults and the elderly
  • Can be used to detect problems in colour differentiation
  • Can be used to diagnose colour blindness

Moorfields Acuity Chart Set
  • Test for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Contains one chart for each of the eyes
  • Can detect changes in the early stages of AMD
  • Employs a logarithmic progression in letter size

Facial Measurement Gauge
  • Facilitates setting of spectacle frames
  • Assessment of head width
  • Graduations in units
  • User Instructions included

Amsler Manual
  • Amsler Charts and a full test instruction manual
  • Used to screen the macular and foveal areas of the eye
  • Effective at detecting early changes in macular/foveal areas
  • Can diagnose age-related macular degeneration in its early stages

Cardiff Near Test
  • Cards for accurately testing visual acuity
  • Suitable for testing children ages three and up
  • Consists of nine cards with vanishing optotypes
  • Contains three cards at each acuity testing level

Logmar 3m Folding Board for Acuity Testing
  • Helps determine the smallest letters your patient can read
  • Designed to help diagnose patients with eyesight issues
  • Foldable in design so you're able to travel with the chart
  • Ideal for optometrists to use with patients

Cardiff Red Box Carry Case
  • Carry case for the Cardiff acuity test cards
  • For easy storage and transportation of cards
  • Keeps card sets intact, clean and ordered
  • Buy as a replacement or spare case

Flip Chart A-Frame
  • “A” shaped display stand
  • Designed to support Cardiff and PA Vision flip-charts
  • Spare or replacement for the stand supplied
  • Enables the test to be placed on a table

Romanes Optical Occluder
  • All purpose occluder
  • Trial case accessory
  • Assess visual acuity
  • One side graduated in mm

Timesco Disposable Pen Torch with Pupil Gauge (Pack of 6)
  • Pack of 6 disposable pen torches
  • Ideal for assisting during pupil examinations
  • Integrated pocket clip for ease of use
  • Disposable design reduces contamination risk

Timeso Deluxe Stainless Steel Reusable Pen Torch in Blister Pack
  • Reusable stainless steel pen torch
  • For diagnostic examinations of the eye, mouth, nose, and skin
  • Pupil gauge for extra clarity during eye examinations
  • Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries

Timesco Reusable Pen Torch in Blister Pack
  • Reusable pen torch for general diagnostic use
  • For examinations of the eye, ear, and mouth
  • Pocket clip for ease of use
  • Supplied in a range of colours

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