Nuflex Range

Whether we are young, old, active in sports or just active in life, muscle and joint care is of great importance. We need our muscles and joints to support us in everyday activities and to enable us to move our body with ease, flexibility and comfort.

The Nuflex Range is specifically designed to aid total and daily muscle and joint care, supporting our daily activities and relieve the discomfort we at time experience.

The extensive range of Nuflex products is gentle enough to be used daily, but strong enough to maintain excellent muscular condition and suppleness of ligaments. The Nuflex Range can be used as a preventative, caring and soothing treatment to so support and aid recovery after acute or existing sporting muscle or joint injuries.

The Nuflex Range provides care for your muscles and joint daily, or when needed.

What is Nuflex?

Nuflex is complete muscle and joint care for daily, occasional or specific use. Nuflex consists of 3 product lines and is made of natural plant based (ethereal) oils to relieve a variety of muscular and joint distresses:

  1. Helps to prevent and treat muscle soreness, stiffness and exhaustion
  2. Treats sport injuries, acute and existing, and muscular overload
  3. Helps to keep joints flexible and eases discomfort

When is Nuflex used?

Use Nuflex when your muscles and joints need soothing care. Or immediately after acute injury to rule out swelling and inflammation and to accelerate recovery.

  • Treating your body with Nuflex will give the muscles release and provide your body with the care it needs
  • Treating the body with Nuflex, before, during and after physical exertion, will considerably lower the chances and side effects of muscle soreness, stiffness or injury
  • Treating aching joints daily with Nuflex will lessen the stagnating effects of joint ache

Muscle soreness

Muscle soreness can appear due to small muscle tears which occur after physical exertion: e.g. heavy training, compromised body posture (sitting behind computer), gardening, heavy lifting, painting, draft and so on.

  • For some, soreness feels somewhat “good” and it makes them feel like they had a good “workout”. For others soreness is bothersome and stagnating
  • Soreness is a natural process, not an injury. The body feels tired and is less taxable for a period of time
  • Soreness can occur up until 2 days after heavy exertion and can last 5-10 days
  • Soreness is often accompanied with stiffness, sensitivity and temporary muscle weakness

Joint ache

Writing, getting up, walking, biking and effortlessly picking something up is normal for most. For those with joint discomfort it can be quite strenuous.

  • The most typical joint complaint is discomfort caused by inflammation in the joints with swelling in one or more joints
  • Discomfort can vary from slight discomfort to very serious and crippling symptoms


Injury caused by muscular overload transpires after constant repetition of the same kind of movement. This way, certain muscles can get overworked and overextended, e.g. tennis arm. Sports injuries occur often after incorrect training methods, insufficient warming up, poor stamina, deficient material or incorrect feet wear.

  • Sports injuries can also occur due to other factors, such as age, physique or poor posture
  • Acute injury can be caused by impact, e.g. a fall, hit, collision, or a fast wrong move
  • The result is most often swelling, bruising, rupture, sprain or break
  • Research shows that 63% of injuries are ankle, wrist, knee and hand injuries