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Rolyan In-Line Splint
  • Correctly aligns wrist with ulnar, volar, and radial support
  • Improved fit and application with D-ring strapping
  • Easy application suitable for patients with arthritis
  • Neoprene fabric retains warmth for improved comfort

Procool Wrist Thumb Restriction Splint
  • Extended thumb restriction splint;
  • For wrist & thumb conditions;
  • Wide 'pull through' wrist strap;
  • Easy application & adjustment.

Ottobock Wristoform Wrist Support
  • Excellent extra stability for wrist
  • Neoprene fabric
  • Prevents flexion and extension
  • Suits Carpal Tunnel sufferers

Cool Comfort CMC Thumb Restriction Splint
  • Wraparound support made from breathable neoprene
  • Soft terry cloth lining for comfort
  • Provides gentle compression to relieve discomfort
  • Neoprene strap directs CMC joint support

Cool Comfort Wrist Thumb Restriction Splint
  • Wraparound support made from breathable neoprene
  • Terry cloth lining for improved patient comfort
  • Designed for easy fit and adjustment, requiring minimal hand manipulation
  • Available in three different sizes

Mueller HG80 Wrist Brace
  • Lightweight and soft wrist brace
  • Flexible steel springs for firm support
  • Allows full finger and thumb movement
  • Antimicrobial technology and moisture protection

Rehband Blue Line Wrist Support
  • Adjustable wrist support
  • Stabilises and compresses 
  • Made from heat-retaining neoprene
  • Ideal for heavy lifting

Cool Comfort Wrist Brace
  • Made from breathable neoprene with a terry cloth lining for patient comfort
  • Pre-bent palmar bar allows 15° wrist extension
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Available in five different sizes

Rehband Power Wrist Support
  • Open-grip wrist support for stabilisation and comfort
  • Designed to support the wrist during heavy lifting
  • Helps prevent overexertion and inflammation
  • Especially suitable for power sports

LP Neoprene Rigid Wrist Brace
  • Designed to provide athletic protection
  • Prevents excessive range of motion
  • Shields the wrist from excessive impact
  • Comfortable contour with cooling ventilation

Rehband Core Wrist Support
  • Stabilising wrist support
  • Integrated aluminum splints
  • Encourages circulation
  • Reduces pain caused by overuse

Neo G RX Wrist Brace
  • Removable metal splint provides superb support and wrist stabilisation
  • Variable compression to customise level of support the brace provides
  • Constructed from breathable fabric with an elasticated lacing system
  • Helps with repetitive strains, sprains and instability of the wrist

Cool Comfort Thumb Abduction Splint
  • Wraparound design with breathable terry cloth lining
  • Firm, mouldable insert inside thumb strap
  • Insert helps to abduct and stabilise first metacarpal and open the thumb web space
  • Available in three sizes

Juraprene Wrist Thumb Wrap Long
  • Latex free neoprene with plush lining;
  • Good circumferential compression;
  • Allows full finger flexion;
  • Can be trimmed for custom fit.

Juraprene Long Wrist Wrap
  • Supports and compresses;
  • Allows full finger flexion;
  • Latex-free neoprene;
  • Plush terry lining.

Juraprene Short Wrist Wrap
  • Compression & support for wrist;
  • Full finger and thumb flexion;
  • Latex-free neoprene;
  • Terry plush lining.

Juraprene Wrist Thumb Wrap
  • Latex free neoprene with plush lining;
  • Good circumferential compression;
  • Allows full finger flexion;
  • Can be trimmed for custom fit.

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace
  • Adjustable rigid neoprene wrist support
  • For carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, stiffness and weakness
  • Aids healing by immobilising the wrist
  • Anatomically shaped for maximum comfort

Procool Deluxe Skier's Thumb Support
  • Supports CMC & MCP joints;
  • Adjustable thumb closure;
  • Puts wrist in functional extension;
  • Abduction + limited motion

Neo G Stabilised Wrist Brace
  • Variable compression allows full customisation of brace's support level
  • Neoprene compression helps warm and ease muscles and joints
  • Features a removable metal splint to allow variable stabilisation
  • Universal one-size-fits-most support with adjustable straps

McDavid Wrist Support
  • Promotes healing by retaining body heat
  • Warmth and compression helps to reduce pain
  • Fully adjustable Velcro strap for secure fit
  • Thermal neoprene support with nylon on both sides

Procool Wrist Support
  • Provides compression & support;
  • Allows full finger motion;
  • Useful in later stage rehab;
  • Can be trimmed if required.

Donjoy Universal Wrist-O-Prene Brace
  • Contoured stay keeps your wrist in a neutral position
  • Durable construction withstands heavy activity
  • Wraparound, universally-sized wrist brace
  • Helps to compress and support the area

LP Neoprene Wrist Splint
  • Provides support for weak or stiff wrists
  • Great for wrists with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Includes a spoon stay for extra support
  • Made from comfortable neoprene material

Neo G Wrist Support
  • Helps ease symptoms of strains, sprains and wrist instability
  • Heat-therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and joints
  • Alleviates strain caused by repetitive wrist movements
  • Supports injured or weak arthritic wrists

Oppo Neoprene Wrist and Thumb Support
  • Reinforced metal stick supports your thumb
  • Allows you to comfortably perform activities
  • Relieves pain and stabilises CMC joint
  • Thumb orthosis suited for rheumatics

LP Stabilising Neoprene Wrist and Thumb Support
  • Supports the wrist and stabilises the thumb
  • Relieves pain and stabilises the CMC joint
  • Suitable for relief of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Adjustable closure for a bespoke fit

Wrist Thumb Brace
  • Padded aluminium thumb stay;
  • Holds thumb firmly in abduction;
  • Support thumbs MP joint;
  • Restricts CMC joint.

Vulkan Classic Wrist Support
  • Provides light compression, support and therapeutic heat retention
  • Helps with arthritis, cold-sensitive joints, strains and sore muscles
  • Triple layer neoprene construction guarantees breathability
  • Available in a range of four sizes, from Small to Extra Large

Neo G Wrist Band Support
  • Can be used to help reduce strain caused by repetitive movements
  • Heat-therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and joints
  • Adjustable wrist support to allow variable compression
  • Allows you to customise the band's level of support

Neoprene Wrist Thumb Brace
  • Effective and affordable brace for a range of conditions
  • Aluminum thumb stay holds the thumb in abduction for quicker healing
  • Supports MP joint and restricts movement at CMC joint for comfort and pain relief
  • Available in a range of sizes, based on wrist circumference

Airprene Breathable Wrist Brace
  • High-grade breathable Airprene material with stretch fabric on both sides
  • Bound edges ensure compressive support of the wrist
  • Individually-mouldable aluminium palmar bar for a custom fit
  • Simple touch-and-close fastenings

Beige Wrist and Thumb Brace
  • Suitable for use after surgery or sustaining an injury
  • Secure hook-and-loop closure for stable use
  • Mouldable thumb stay for improved support
  • Restricts your first MCP and CMC joints

Long Wrist Brace
  • Wrist immobilisation and stabilisation
  • Adjustable for comfort and control
  • Available in elastic or neoprene versions
  • Hook and loop closure for secure fit

LP Extreme Wrist and Thumb Support
  • Provides maximum support for weak or injured wrists
  • Includes a metal stay for rigid and secure support
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure ensures proper fit
  • Partially immobilises thumb while allowing free finger movement

LP Neoprene Stabilising Wrist Support
  • Provides firm support and compression to the wrist
  • Suitable for either prevention or treatment of wrist injury
  • Helps to minimise the risk of future injuries
  • Supplied in one size with adjustable compression

LP Neoprene Wrist and Thumb Support
  • Provides thumb immobilisation with free finger movement
  • Helps to prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure ensures proper fit
  • Made with high grade neoprene for great heat retention

Vulkan Classic Wrist Strap
  • Provides light compression, support and therapeutic heat retention
  • Ideal for arthritis, sprains, strains, weak and sore muscles
  • Triple layer neoprene construction allows air flow
  • Available in five sizes, from Extra Small to Extra Large

Wrist Thumb Wrap
  • Comfortable and protective wrap for the wrist and thumb
  • Suitable for arthritis, CMC instability, skier's thumb and more
  • Lightweight, compact design won't impact on your daily life
  • Comes in a range of sizes, to suit everyone

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Wrist Wrap
  • Neoprene adjustable wrist wrap for moderate support
  • Ideal for people with wrist conditions such as sprains
  • Soft, neoprene construction for therapeutic heat compression
  • Reduces risk of injury and keeps your wrist protected

LP Extreme Wrist Support
  • Relieves wrist pain with mild pressure
  • Provides firm support for an injured wrist
  • Minimises the chances of future injuries
  • Made with breathable, compressive Coolprene

LP Neoprene Wrist Support
  • Relieves pain with mild compression
  • Provides firm support around injured area
  • Adjustable closure for comfortable fit
  • Minimises chances of further injury

LP Neoprene Wrist Wrap
  • Provides comfortable compression and support
  • Supplied in one size to fit most users
  • Allows for free movement of fingers and thumb
  • Suitable for prevention and treatment of wrist injury

Neoprene Wrist Brace
  • Provides warmth and compression;
  • Made from high quality neoprene;
  • Removable aluminium splint;
  • 4 velcro hook and loop closures.

Ventoprene Wrist Brace
  • Easy-open velcro tabs;
  • Ventilated neoprene;
  • Towelling lining;
  • Aluminium palmar bar.

Wrist and Thumb Abduction Brace
  • Holds thumb in abducted position
  • Open thumb seam for comfort
  • Mouldable thumb bar
  • Several sizes

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Neoprene Wrist Support
  • Moderate adjustable neoprene wrist support
  • Ideal for people with sprained, stiff or weak wrists
  • Soft, neoprene construction with therapeutic heat properties
  • Promotes improved healing and stability in the wrist area

Basic Neoprene Cock-Up Wrist Brace
  • Neoprene wrist brace provides improved comfort and fit
  • Helps ensure wrist is protected from further injury
  • Soft-stitched edging and hook-and-loop fastening for optimal comfort
  • Removable metal stay can be positioned by a clinician

Economy Standard Neobrace
  • Neoprene to retain heat;
  • Soothes painful joints;
  • Can be cut to fit without fraying;
  • Ideal for swollen arthritic joints.

Ventoprene Neobrace
  • Ventilated neoprene;
  • Towelling lining;
  • Prevents sweat build up;
  • Aluminium palmar bar;

  • 15cm neoprene wrist support;
  • Retains heat to soothe joints;
  • Light compression;
  • Can be cut to fit without fraying.

Wrightington Neobrace
  • With Velcro for easy application;
  • Neoprene to retain heat;
  • Soothes painful joints;
  • Can be cut to fit without fraying.

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