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Nasal and Sinus Products

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Nasal Aspirator and Ear Syringe
  • Convenient for new mothers;
  • Clears mucous from baby’s nose;
  • Removes wax & debris from ears;
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.

Neti Rinse
  • Effective and easy to use;
  • Antibacterial tip with fluted walls;
  • Full control of pressure & duration;
  • Easy to fill syringe with saline solution.

TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap
  • Provides effective hot and cold therapy for facial relief
  • Perfect for soothing tender skin or for helping to open clogged sinuses
  • Easily freeze in your freezer or heat in your microwave
  • Contours to your face for full contact with the skin and extra comfort

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items