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Mueller Sports Accessories

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Mueller - Stickum Paste
  • Athletic adhesive paste;
  • Long staying power;
  • Resin and wax base;
  • Improve grip even in wet conditions.

Mueller Cold/Hot Pack
  • Temperature absorbent and retainant;
  • Cold/Hot therapy for a wide range of lesions;
  • Reduces swelling when cold;
  • Relaxes and soothes when warm.

Mueller Ice Bag Wrap with Ice Bag
  • Versatile and effective ice wrap
  • Provides compression and cold therapy
  • Long straps for use on any area of the body
  • Cost effective due to use of a traditional ice bag

Mueller Magic Grip Spray
  • Provides moisture-repelling film;
  • Doesn't stick, glove compatible;
  • Easy to apply aerosol spray;
  • Easy to wash.

Mueller Wonder Wrap
  • Comfortable extra strength 3" wrap;
  • Long-life elastic fabric with nylon fibres;
  • Breathable, controlled compression;
  • Wrists, elbows,thighs,knees,ankles.

Page 1 of 1:    5 Items