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Best knee braces for rheumatism and osteoarthritis

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Mueller Knee Supports And Braces

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Mueller Closed Patella Knee Sleeve
  • Helps support sore, weak, injured or arthritic knees
  • Neoprene blend provides even compression
  • Improves circulation to assist in healing
  • Latex-free for minimal skin irritation

Mueller Elastic Knee Stabiliser
  • Supportive steel springs on both sides;
  • Open patella helps relieve pressure;
  • Durable fully trimmed edges;
  • Full range of movement.

Mueller Adjustable Knee Support
  • Open patella to stabilise the kneecap;
  • Fully trimmed edges to prevent chaffing;
  • One size fits most;
  • Padded protection with double layer knee.

Mueller Adjustable Runner's Knee Strap
  • Relieves pain from frequent running or jumping
  • Tubular insert provides uniform compression
  • Designed to easily fit either the left or the right knee
  • Antibacterial treatment controls or eliminates odour

Mueller Breathable Closed Patella Knee Sleeve
  • Provides comfortable support to sore, weak, injured or arthritic knees
  • Helps improve circulation to assist healing and joint flexibility
  • Perforated neoprene and side air mesh panel improve breathability
  • Available in four sizes, from Small to Extra Large

Mueller Breathable Open Patella Knee Sleeve
  • Helps to support sore, weak or arthritic knees
  • Improves circulation to assist in healing and joint flexibility
  • Contoured shape easily fits the left or the right knee
  • Anatomically-shaped patella opening relieves the kneecap

Mueller CHO PAT Knee Strap
  • Comfortable fit for 24 hour use;
  • Helps to track patella correctly;
  • Assists to relieve harmful pressure;
  • Designed to ease Chondromalacia.

Mueller Diamond Pad Extended Knee Support (Pair)
  • Provides protection from shocks and bumps during contact sports
  • Designed with high-impact diamond padding technology
  • Made without natural rubber latex for reduced skin irritation
  • Supplied as a pair of two braces

Mueller Elastic Knee Support
  • Lightweight elastic knit design;
  • Contour design to prevent slip and bunching;
  • Easy slip on sleeve design;
  • Full range of movement.

Mueller HG80 Knee Support
  • Provides support to knees
  • Andimicrobial treatment controls odours
  • Lightweight and extremely soft
  • Great for all activities

Mueller HG80 Premium Hinged Knee Brace
  • Made from moisture-wicking fabric
  • Matches natural knee joint tracking
  • Triaxial hinges
  • Form-fitting material

Mueller HG80 Premium Knee Brace
  • Made from moisture wicking fabric
  • Supportive steel springs
  • Latex free for less irritation
  • Support stiff, sore or unstable knees

Mueller Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace

  • Patented Triaxial hinge designed to properly track the knee;
  • Adjustable straps provide controlled compression;
  • No bunching with open back design;
  • Ideal for weak or injured knees.

Mueller MAX Knee Strap
  • Lightweight design;
  • Compression tubes around the Patella;
  • Breathable mesh fabric;
  • 24 hour comfortable fit.



Mueller Open Patella Knee Sleeve Neoprene Blend
  • Open patella to relieve pressure on the kneecap;
  • Extra long sleeve for shin and upper knee protection;
  • Long lasting durable stretch nylon trimmed ends;
  • Contoured fit provides comfortable and constant compression.

Mueller Patella Stabiliser Knee Brace
  • Universal kneecap buttress protects and stabilises the Patella;
  • Adjustable straps offer controlled compression;
  • Steel springs on both sides of knee providing firm support;
  • Smooth seams and trimmed edges to prevent chaffing.


Mueller PRO LEVEL Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe
  • Patented Triaxial hinges offer unrestricted movement
  • Adjustable straps provide controlled compression
  • Extra long for stability and protection
  • No bunching with open back design

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