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Moldex Earplugs

Moldex are an industry leader in hearing and respiratory protection for over 40 years. Our range of Moldex Earplugs feature both disposable and reusable plugs in a variety of colours. Innovation, comfort and safety are synonymous with the Moldex brand so you are bound to find the perfect noise-cancelling earplugs to suit your style. All Moldex products and packaging are PVC-free.

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Moldex 6451 Twisters Trio Cord Reusable Earplugs (Box of 50 Pairs)
  • 50 pairs of Moldex 6451 Twisters Trio Cord earplugs
  • Suitable for people in noisy workplaces or light sleepers
  • Soft ribbed design and flexible flanges for a high degree of comfort
  • Washable and reusable with every pair in a handy case

Moldex 6401 Rockets Corded Ear Plugs (Box of 50 Pairs)
  • 50 pairs of Moldex Rockets 6401 earplugs with cords in handy cases
  • Suitable for workers in loud environments or light sleepers
  • Made of soft TPE material that's washable and reusable
  • Easy grip handle with air-cushioned tip for maximum comfort

Moldex 7850 Spark Plugs Ear Plug Dispenser (500 Pairs)
  • Dispenser unit containing 500 pairs of disposable Moldex earplugs
  • Cost effective solution to provide hearing protection at workplace
  • Earplugs with tapered shape for better fit and comfort 
  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002 

Moldex 7700 Pura-Fit Disposable Ear Plugs  (Pack of 200 Pairs)
  • 200 pairs of individually wrapped earplugs in green and yellow colour
  • Suitable for very noisy environments such as construction sites
  • Made of soft PU foam with tapered shaped for maximum comfort
  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002

Moldex 7800 Spark Plugs Disposable Ear Plugs (Box of 200)
  • 200 pairs of disposable earplugs in a variety of colours
  • Suitable for very noisy environments to prevent hearing loss
  • Made of extra-soft PU foam for better fit and comfort
  • Highest independently tested SNR of 35 dB

Moldex 7060 Mounting Bracket for Disposable Earplug Dispensers
  • Mounting bracket suitable for all Moldex dispensing stations
  • Made of robust black plastic that's long lasting
  • Allows convenient placement of dispensers at workplace
  • Includes all fittings and instruction manual for easy set-up

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items