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Microwave Hot Water Bottles

While hot water bottles can keep you toasty in bed, the fact that you have to fill them with boiling water can make them messy or even dangerous for vulnerable users. Our range of Microwave Hot Water Bottles features great alternatives, providing the comfort of heat without the risk of scalding. These warmers are simple to use, cost-effective and comfortable!

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Sissel Vinotherm All Natural Microwave Heat Pad
  • Natural heat pad to relieve muscle pain
  • Ideal for cramps, aching necks and shoulders
  • Tri-sectional design allows for easy fit 
  • Eco-friendly design, 100% natural and recyclable

Hotties Black Sports Back Wrap
  • Heated back wrap for pain relief
  • Discreet relief from sports injuries
  • Hand sewn performance fabric
  • Heats up in minutes

Hotties Blue Back Wrap
  • Soft thermal back wrap for pain
  • Ideal for those suffering from back pain
  • Heats in just a few minutes
  • Stays warm for four hours

Hotties Heather Tartan Back Wrap
  • Heated back wrap for pain relief
  • Ideal for anyone with back pain
  • Thermal insert heats in minutes
  • Adjustable for perfect fit

Hotties Red Tartan Back Wrap
  • Bold tartan heated back wrap
  • Ideal for treating back pain
  • Easy and safe to heat
  • Remains warm for four hours

Sissel Balu Children's Microwave Heat Pack
  • Microwaveable heat pad for young children
  • Great for relieving belly aches, night chills and comfort
  • Cotton, washable cover available in three colours
  • Suitable for children aged 1 - 3 years

Sissel Cherry Red Microwave Heat Pad
  • Red heat pad to soothe aches and pains
  • Ideal for IBS, menstrual cramps and stomach ache
  • Cherry stones deliver a gentle massage
  • Available in 2 sizes

Blue Tartan Hottie
  • Hand-sewn microwaveable warmer
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains
  • Super easy to microwave
  • Stays hot for four hours

Burgundy Fleece Micro-Hottie
  • Micro-Hottie for microwaveable warmth
  • Provides comfort and warmth for all ages
  • Takes just minutes to heat in microwave
  • Dimensions: 21 x 24cm

Hotties Bite-Resistant Microwaveable Pet Warmer
  • Heated pet-safe pad for warmth in winter
  • Ideal for distressed or chilly animals
  • Bite and claw resistant heating pad
  • Easy to microwave for instant use

Hotties Microwavable Footwarmer
  • Cosy lambswool foot warmer
  • Ideal for those with cold or sore feet
  • Microwave heat in just minutes
  • Will remain warm for four hours

Hotties Red Paw Print Microwaveable Pet Warmer
  • Fleece-covered pet heating pad for comfort and warmth
  • Ideal for calming pets and small farm animals
  • Unique patented design retains warmth for up to four hours
  • Offers targeted heat therapy to relieve aches and pains

Hotties Tartan Fleece Microwaveable Micro Hottie
  • Warming fleece heat pack to relieve aches and pains
  • Ideal for providing targeted heat therapy
  • Heats safely and quickly in microwave
  • Portable and slim design for use all over the body

Leopard Print Micro-Hottie
  • Warm and cosy hot water bottle alternative
  • Ideal for providing portable warmth
  • Lined with luxurious, strokeable fur
  • Microwave heats in just minutes

Lime Green Fleece Micro-Hottie
  • Warm and cosy microwaveable warmer
  • Cuddly and convenient for warmth at any time
  • Designed with a lime green polyester fleece cover
  • Completely reusable microwaveable thermal pack

Micro Hottie Microwavable Hot Water Bottle
  • Alternative to traditional hot water bottles
  • Ideal for pain relief and warmth
  • Safer than a traditional hot water bottle
  • Extremely soft lambswool 

Pink Fleece Micro-Hottie
  • Warm and cosy microwaveable heat pad
  • Ideal for warmth and pain relief
  • Made with soft and cuddly pink fleece
  • Reusable microwaveable thermal pack

Purple Fleece Micro-Hottie
  • Cosy microwavable heat pad
  • Ideal for warmth and pain relief
  • Retains heat for four hours
  • Soft and insulating fleece cover

Quilted Blue Hottie
  • Microwavable heating pad
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains
  • Hand sewn and quilted
  • Stays warm for up to four hours

Quilted Burgundy Hottie
  • Burgundy microwaveable hot water bottle alternative
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains in joints
  • Soothing heat aids circulation
  • Stays hot for up to four hours

Quilted Green Hottie
  • Super comforting heat therapy pad
  • Ideal for relaxation and pain relief
  • Beautiful emerald green cover
  • Microwave for four hours heat

Royal Stewart Tartan Hottie
  • Beautiful tartan microaveable Hottie
  • Warms you up and eases pain
  • Thermal pack in bottle shaped cover
  • Microwaveable, stays warm for hours

Hottie Thermal Replacement Insert
  • Hottie thermal replacement packs
  • For warmth and heat therapy
  • Simply slip inside your current Hottie
  • Not suitable for use without an existing Hottie

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