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Created for users who are deaf or elderly, or those who suffer from illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer's, the Medpage MPPL Range offers a wide selection of care alarms, care transmitters, alarm pendants and motion sensors. Medpage produce quality, and their products are popular in care homes, professional care industries and ordinary homes across the UK. For further information don't hesitate to contact our customer help desk or call us on 020 7720 2266.

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MPPL Pager for the Home Care Alarm System
  • Additional pager for the Home Care Alarm system
  • Range of 100 metres
  • Can add up to 8 transmitters to one pager
  • Easy to connect

Medpage Waterproof Panic Alarm Pendant and MPPL Pager
  • MPPL pager with waterproof alarm pendant to call carer
  • Ideal for providing safety around the home, even in the bath
  • Pager features a range of 100m – suitable for most homes
  • Provides peace of mind that carers can be called from any room

Splash Proof Transmitter Pendant with Lanyard
  • Suitable for sufferers of early, mid, and late stages of dementia
  • Waterproof design ideal for use in bathroom or in the rain
  • Submits a signal to a MPPL pager
  • Supplied with batteries and a breakaway lanyard

Heavy Duty Non-Slip Floor Mat with Transmitter for the MPPL Pager
  • Heavy duty mat connects with MPPL pager
  • Up to eight mats can be used with one pager
  • Detects when pressure is applied on the mat and sounds alarm
  • Non-slip mat for safety

Key Fob and MPPL Alarm Pager Kit
  • Key fob alarm and pager
  • Allows elderly or disabled to easily contact a carer
  • Can have up to 8 key fob transmitters
  • Wide choice of alarms 

Large Button Key Fob Transmitter for MPPL Pager
  • Key fob call button 
  • Allows elderly or disabled to easily contact a carer
  • Works in your existing MPPL Pager Kit
  • Adds to your system for use with multiple patients

Splash Proof Wireless Call Pendant with Alarm Station
  • Waterproof pendant transmitter and NDMRX wireless alarm receiver
  • Features a vibrating alarm to alert individuals with hearing difficulties
  • Suitable for home and professional care use
  • Designed to deliver lasting reliability

Bed Pressure Mat for MPPL and POCSAG Systems
  • Bed leaving mat
  • For the MPPL home care alarm system
  • Allows you to be alerted when someone leaves their bed
  • Helps prevent accidental falls at night

Easy Press Jelly Switch for MPPL Pagers
  • Minimal pressure required for sounding the alarm
  • Visual prompts for those suffering from dementia
  • Large activation area for those with dexterity problems
  • Works with the MPPL Pager

Easy Press Jelly Switch with Transmitter for MPPL Pagers
  • Easy press button switch for calling for assistance
  • Ideal for those with physical disability, learning difficulties or cognitive problems
  • Comes with transmitter and battery
  • For use with Home Care Alarm Pager

Heavy Duty Non-Slip Floor Mat with MPPL Pager
  • Heavy duty non-slip mat with transmitter and pager
  • Triggers alarm when pressure is applied to the mat
  • Up to ten mats can be used with one pager
  • All batteries included

Medpage Ultra Sensitive Children's Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm MP5-UT
  • Alarm monitor to detect epileptic seizures in bed
  • Ideal for all ages – babies through to adults
  • Alarm delay to eliminate false alarms due to normal movements
  • Sends an alert to parents and carers via two included radio pagers

Panic Alarm Transmitter for MPPL Alarms
  • Connects to an MPPL panic alarm button
  • Allows carer to be notified if user requires assistance
  • Ideal for use between carers and elderly or disabled patients
  • Easy to set up and use

Pressure Mat with Transmitter for MPPL Home Care Alarm System
  • Floor pressure mat alarm and transmitter
  • Can alert you when someone has left a room
  • Ideal for those caring for patients with dementia
  • Under rug non-intrusive design

Soft Touch Chin and Facial Activation Disabled Alarm for MPPL Home Care System
  • Highly sensitive panic alarm system
  • Soft touch sensitive pad triggers alarm
  • Ideal for severely disabled patients
  • Includes transmitter and pager

Soft Touch Panic Alarm Button for MPPL Pager Alarm System
  • Standalone soft touch panic alarm
  • For MPPL pager system
  • Ideal for use on a pillow
  • Soft and easy to press

Splash Proof Wireless Call Pendant with MPPL Pager
  • Waterproof pendant transmitter and MPPL Pager receiver
  • Fitted with a vibrating and beeping alarm to alert users
  • MPPL pager and transmitter are easy to connect
  • Suitable for sufferers of early, mid, and late dementia stages

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