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Measuring and Apparatus

Welcome to our Measuring and Apparatus equipment. Ideal for teaching GCSE or A Level Physics, our products can be used in school labs to cover a range of topics such as Boyle's law and Newton's disc. Choose from stepped or variable power supplies, a selection of ammeters and apparatus for demonstrating many different scientific concepts.

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Linear Air Track with Accessories and Blower
  • Cost effective;
  • Virtually friction-free;
  • Effective in the field of collisions;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom.

Optical Bench Set
  • Easy to read scale;
  • For use in optics experiments;
  • Light source with mounting rod;
  • Non-twisting aluminium alloy bench.

Demountable Transformer Kit
  • Laminated low-loss core;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom;
  • For GCSE & A level physics;
  • Demonstrates step up & down transformer.

Transformer Accessory Set 2
  • Comprehensive kit;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom;
  • Lenz's law transformer accessories;
  • Demonstrate production of magnetic fields.

Transformer Accessory Set 1
  • Easy to use;
  • Open and closed rings;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom;
  • Ring with Handle & 6 turn thick with handles.

Joules Calorimeter
  • Nickel plated copper;
  • 75 x 50mm (diameter);
  • With stirrer & socket terminals;
  • Constantan wire heating coil.

Newton's Colour Disc
  • Well finished;
  • Multi coloured disk;
  • Rotates by hand driven wheel;
  • Demonstrate white light composition.

Ticker Tape Timer
  • 6V unit;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom;
  • With 4mm terminal sockets;
  • Measures velocity & acceleration.

Seca 212 Disposable Baby Head Circumference Measuring Tape (Pack of 15)
  • Measuring tape for accurately measuring a baby's head circumference
  • Disposable design for hygiene and the reduced risk of the spread of germs
  • Rear side of the tape designed for taking facial symmetry measurements
  • Colour-coded markings on tape for easier reading of results in cm and inches

Coil for Demountable Transformer Kit
  • 7 options available;
  • 50 - 2000 turn sizes;
  • Can be used witht he U-Core;
  • .Use with Demountable Transformer kit

Ingen Haussz Conductivity Apparatus
  • Size = 150 x 90 x 100mm;
  • Demonstrates rates of conductivity;
  • Rates of melting ve be compared with wax;
  • Aluminium, brass, copper, zinc & iron roads.

Convection in Water Apparatus
  • Borosilicate glass;
  • With a filling funnel;
  • Shows convection in liquid;
  • Tube only without clamps.

Edulab Component Holder 8 Pack
  • Pack of 8;
  • Mounted clips;
  • Can be used for a variety of experiments;
  • For use in in physics investigations.

  • Platinum electrodes.
  • Two granduated test tubes.
  • 10ml capacity test tubes.
  • Mounted on base with terminals.

Convection in Air Apparatus
  • Sliding glass front;
  • Candle holder fixed to base;
  • Two detachable glass chimneys;
  • Metal box = 220 x 100 x 165mm.

Seca 206 Roll-Up Measuring Tape with Wall Attachment
  • Roll-up measuring tape with one-screw wall attachment
  • Designed for accurately measuring patient height
  • Metal tape is durable for improved longevity
  • Roll-up mechanism good for saving space

Spectrum Tube 260mm
  • Ideal for use in the classroom;
  • 50mm long fine capillary tube;
  • Available for many different gases;
  • Use with the Spectrum Tube Holder.

Boyles Law Demonstration Apparatus
  • Sealed syringe;
  • Simple and economical;
  • Demonstrates Boyle's Law;
  • Loaded with different masses.

E Shape Bench Mounting Pulley
  • Aluminium;
  • 50mm diameter;
  • Bench mounting pulley;
  • Can clamp to benches up to 28mm thickness.

Bench Mounting 70mm Pulley
  • Light alloy;
  • 70mm diameter;
  • Two clamping screws;
  • For bench edge up to 38mm thickness.

Bench Mounting Pulley with Ball Bearing
  • 50mm diameter;
  • Hole and clamping screw;
  • Nylon pulley with ball bearing;
  • Accommodate rods up to 13mm diameter.

Glass Crookes Radiometer
  • Four lightweight metal arms;
  • Partly evacuated glass bulb;
  • Demonstrates physical effects;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom.

Electromagnet with Keeper
  • U-shaped core ;
  • 110 x 9mm diameter;
  • With armature & carrying hook;
  • Barrel connections for 4-6 volts DC.

Metal Testing Strips
  • Set of 12;
  • Magnetic & non-magnetic;
  • Stamped with a key letter;
  • For magnetism experiments.

Thermal Conductivity of Metal Apparatus
  • Use with wax melts;
  • Mounted on a wooden ring;
  • Compare rates of conductivity;
  • Copper, brass, steel and aluminium.

  • Knurled wheel;
  • Ideal for use in demonstrations;
  • Transversely mounted threaded spindle;
  • Measure the length of curved lines.


Seca 203 Circumference Measuring Tape with WHR Calculator
  • Ergonomic measuring tape for precise patient body measurements
  • Facilitates waist-to-hip ratio calculation for improved patient data
  • WHR ratio for indirect method of determining abdominal fat tissue
  • Retractable tape ideal for measuring patients during mobile use

Metal Discs Set
  • Set of 8, 25mm diameter;
  • Stamped with the metal name;
  • Brass, copper, bronze, nickel;
  • Mild steel, stainless steel,zinc & aluminium.

Crushing Can
  • Light-walled tin plate;
  • Air-tight screw cap;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom;
  • Demonstrates force exerted by pressure.

Two Way Tubular Forcemeter
  • Range of 5 balances;
  • For push or a pull action;
  • Calibrated in grams and newtons;
  • Use to investigate measurement of force.

Displacement Vessel
  • 100 x 50mm;
  • Displacement Vessel;
  • For eureka deomnstrations;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom.

Forcemeter Tubular Balance
  • High quality;
  • Colour coded & scaled;
  • Tubular spring balances;
  • Zero adjustment is incorporated.

Pendulum Ball Plumb Bob
  • Solid sphere;
  • Available in 3 options;
  • Small hook for suspension;
  • Ideal for use in the classroom.


Lens Holder for up to 76mm Diameter
  • Rectangular base 100 x 50mm;
  • 100mm high with V-shape slot;
  • Holds a convex or concave lens;
  • For lenses/mirrors up to 76mm diameter.

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