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Pulseroll 4 Speed Percussion Massage Gun
  • Portable massage gun with 4 different speeds
  • Ideal for therapeutic care of aching muscles
  • Reduces muscle tightness, increases flexibility and reduces soreness
  • Includes six different attachment heads for a personalised massage

Pulseroll 4 Speed Mini Massage Gun
  • Pocket-sized mini massage gun with 4 different speeds
  • Ideal for on-the-go therapeutic care of aching muscles
  • Smaller more accessible version of the Pulseroll 4 Speed Massage Gun
  • Includes four different attachment heads for a personalised massage

Pulseroll 5 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller Pro
  • Vibrating massage foam roller
  • For reducing muscle tightness, soreness and increasing flexibility
  • Five one-touch power settings for all your muscular needs
  • Includes a strapped bag for portability and storage

Pulseroll 4 Speed Vibrating Massage Foam Roller
  • Vibrating massage foam roller
  • For reducing muscle tightness, soreness and increasing flexibility
  • Four one-touch power settings for different muscular needs
  • Scientifically tested to reduce lactic acid and encourage recovery

Pulseroll 4 Speed Vibrating Massage Peanut Ball
  • Hand-held peanut-shaped vibrating ball
  • Suitable for athletes, gym-goers and just about anyone
  • Widely used by professional atheletes and physiotherapists alike
  • Allows users to reach those hard-to-reach areas that rollers cannot hit

Pulseroll 4 Speed Percussion Massage Ball
  • Hand-held vibrating massage ball
  • For reducing muscle tightness and soreness
  • Allows users to reach those hard-to-reach areas that rollers cannot hit
  • Widely used by professional atheletes and physiotherapists alike

Sissel Portal Pro Massage Chair
  • Professional massage chair with adjustable features
  • Ideal for both training massage therapists and professionals
  • Fully adjustable according to user's needs
  • Available in two colours to choose from

Thumper Maxi Pro Massager
  • Takes the stress out of massaging clients
  • Full body massage takes five to eight minutes
  • Adjustable speed setting allowing for customisation
  • Weighs 3.2kg, providing you with a deep massage

Affinity Puma Massage Chair
  • Portable massage chair ideal for visiting clients
  • Easy set-up for quick use
  • Adjustable design for a variety of therapies
  • Supports up to 300lbs (135kg) in weight

Sissel Robust Blue Portable Massage Table
  • Professional portable massage table with headrest
  • Ideal for massage therapists and home use
  • Height adjustable headrest and arm stations for user comfort
  • Carry bag included for maximum portability

Professional Grade Adjustable Massage Chair
  • Professional grade adjustable massage chair
  • Made with premium quality black PVC vinyl
  • Easy-to-clean coverage  promotes cleanliness and sanitation
  • Fully adjustable at multiple points

Thumper Mini Pro II Electrical Massager
  • Compact professional strength deep tissue massager
  • Small and lightweight for self-use at home or on travels
  • Three adjustable settings to choose the level of intensity required
  • Provided with 2-year warranty on all Thumper massagers

Beurer MG320 Shiatsu Seat Cover
  • Soothing Shiatsu massage for your home
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from pain, stress or fatigue
  • Offers three different massages
  • Optional heat function

HoMedics Pro Handheld Physiotherapy Massage Gun
  • Internationally renowned physio massage gun
  • Ideal for relieving deep knots and muscle tightness
  • Recognised as one of the most high-powered guns on the market
  • Powerful 3000rpm 50hz motor works tirelessly to relieve pain

Sissel Basic Blue Portable Massage Table
  • Portable memory foam massage table
  • Ideal for therapists and home massages
  • Folds up for easy portability and storage
  • Carry bag included for easy and safe transportation

3B Scientific Portable Vinyl Massage Table
  • Portable vinyl massage table
  • Ideal for masseuses, spa attendants and more
  • Coated in 5cm dense vinyl foam which is oil and waterproof
  • Adjustable face cradle base and pad, side arm extenders

Sissel Intensive Electric Body Massager
  • Handheld electric deep tissue massager
  • Ideal for unlocking tense and sore muscles
  • Adjustable settings for use on both thick and thin muscles
  • Lightweight design, ideal for use on long journeys

Achilles Tendonitis Massage & Recovery Pack
  • Achilles massager and Achilles brace to aid recovery
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from Achilles tendonitis or Achilles injury
  • FM200 massages the tendon to reduce pain and promote circulation
  • AirHeel Ankle Brace applies pulsating compression with every step

Sissel Desktop Mobil Massage Support Cushion
  • Comfortable mobile massage support for upper body
  • Ideal for wheel chair users and those with reduced mobility
  • Attaches to massage table or regular tables for secure use
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage, carry bag included

Beurer FM200 Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager
  • Foot massager designed for problems with Achilles tendon
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from Achilles tendonitis or painful feet
  • Featuring six rotating massage heads and two massage speeds
  • Massage heads can easily be removed for easy cleaning

HoMedics Physio Deep Tissue Massage Gun
  • Handheld massager designed to relieve pressure in deep tissue
  • Perfect for a post-workout recovery session
  • Cordless operation can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Supplied with three interchangeable heads for a tailored experience

Beurer MG153 4D Neck Massager
  • Neck massager designed to simulate feeling of hands
  • For anyone suffering from neck pain or stiffness
  • Includes a heating feature for even greater comfort
  • Easy-to-use design with control buttons on handles

HoMedics 4.5kg Weighted Blanket
  • Soft and plush 4.5kg weighted blanket
  • Ideal for restless legs, anxious sleepers and promoting serenity in bed
  • Weighted blankets are proven to promote calmness and relaxation
  • Filled with evenly distributed weighted glass spheres

Beurer MG510 Portable Tapping Massager
  • Choice of five massage intensities
  • Powerful and soothing tapping massage
  • Ideal for relaxation and regeneration after workout
  • Comes with four exchangeable massage attachments

Beurer ST100 Stress ReleaZer Relaxation Aid
  • Relaxation aid and breathing trainer to relieve stress
  • Small and lightweight device can be used anywhere you need to relax
  • Combines soothing vibrations, breathing exercises, music and heat
  • Battery powered, with 4-hour charging time

Sissel Super King Size Foot Massager
  • Large wooden massager for both feet
  • Ideal for drug-free pain relief from foot pain
  • Boosts blood circulation and releases tight muscle tissue
  • Design based on traditional Chinese massage rollers

Large Sponge Applicator for the G5 Fleximatic Massage Therapy Machine
  • Large Sponge Adaptor for the G5 Fleximatic Massage Therapy Machine
  • Suitable for effleurage or soft massage
  • Includes five soft covers for guaranteed hygiene
  • Additional covers are available separately

Sissel Blue Acupressure Mat
  • Spiked blue acupressure mat
  • For relief from pain, muscular tension and more
  • Stimulates blood circulation to encourage faster recovery
  • Reduces stress and sleeping problems

Sternum Pad for the Sissel Portal Pro Massage Chair
  • Triangular support pad for massage chair
  • Ideal for extra support for pregnant or larger patients
  • Designed specifically for the Sissel Portal Pro Massage Chair
  • Attaches easily to the chair with a Velcro fastening

Necksaviour Neck Massage Tool
  • Easy to use neck massager
  • Alleviates headaches and muscle spasms
  • Gently stretches the neck
  • Increases blood flow to help muscle recovery

Beurer MG135 Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Cushion simulates Shiatsu massage
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from back pain
  • Features a heat and light function
  • Designed to simulate a traditional massage

Face Saver Massage Cushions
  • Perfect for massage tables with breathing holes
  • Designed to put the client at ease and relax
  • Allows patients to breathe easily during treatment
  • Soft and comfortable foam to reduce neck tension

Heated Back and Seat Massager
  • Heated back seat massager with custom settings
  • Ideal for those with back pain when working from home
  • Easy to use remote controls cycles, targeted areas and timer
  • Suitable for use with any high-backed chair

Lifemax Foldaway Heat and Massage Foot Spa
  • Luxurious and rejuvenating foldaway foot spa
  • Ideal for those after a relaxing foot massage after a long day
  • Foldaway design allows the spa to be stored easily and securely
  • Heat, massage and water treatments work to soothe aches

Lifemax Deep Tissue Massager with Interchangeable Attachments
  • Handheld deep tissue massager by Lifemax
  • Incredible for tailoring your recovery, pain relief and comfort at home
  • Comes equipped with four different massage heads for tailored relief
  • Rotary controller on the back allows for an intense massage experience

Sissel Massage Blue Foam Roller
  • Blue foam massage roller
  • Ideal for muscular recovery and rehabilitation
  • De-knots muscles and stretches ligaments
  • Scientifically proven to increase athletic performance

Bodybone Massage Tool
  • Loosens up tensions and blockades in the spinal area
  • Anatomically aligned design for comfortable massage
  • Latex- and phthalate-free for reduced irritation
  • Also suitable for foot reflex massage

Sissel Basic Massage Table Accessories Pack
  • Comfort pack for the Sissel Basic Massage Table
  • Ideal for boosting the comfort factor of your table
  • Includes a height adjustable headrest and arm rest
  • Suitable for other massage tables (see specs in listing)

Sissel Fit Rope Roller Massager
  • Rope roller with wooden handles and knobs
  • Ideal for massaging sore backs and shoulders
  • Seven pairs of alternate knobs for a dynamic massage
  • Relieves pain by releasing muscular tension

Replacement Massage Pad for the Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Support
  • Features massage nodules to relieve discomfort
  • Excellent as a spare or replacement pad
  • Designed to massage the lower back
  • Relieves pain and tension in the area

HoMedics Compact Percussion Massager with Heat Therapy Treatment
  • Handheld and lightweight heat massager
  • Ideal for relieving knots in sore and worn out muscles
  • Dual pivoting nodes attack deep tissue to relieve pent up tightness
  • Varying intensities allow you to tailor your massage to suit your needs

HoMedics Twin Speed Heated Neck Massager
  • Neck massager offering combination of heat and massage
  • Ideal relief after a long day at work
  • Ergonomically designed to gently sit around the neck
  • Invigorating twin speeds allow you to tailor your massage

Lifemax Large USB Ultra-Soft Heated Vibration Cushion
  • Vibrating pillow with heated centre designed for enhanced comfort
  • Ideal for those with upper back or neck pain during winter
  • Lightweight and cordless design for on-the-go use
  • A comfortable and plush alternative to a standard pillow

Lifemax Twin-Speed Waterproof Bath Massage Pillow
  • Waterproof twin-setting bath massage pillow by Lifemax
  • Ideal for those suffering with a tight, sore and aching back
  • Enhance your bathtime relaxation with this comfort-inducing pillow
  • Carefully choreographed settings target muscular discomfort

Thumbsavers Massage Tool
  • Allows you to massage deeper and work longer
  • Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Alleviates wrist, thumb and joint fatigue and pain
  • Feels natural and offers manoeuvrability

Original Franklin Massage Balls
  • Pair of massage balls which adhere to the Franklin Method
  • Activates muscle relaxation reflexes
  • Promotes body awareness and movement
  • Helps improve posture and strength

Lifemax Small USB Ultra-Soft Heated Vibration Cushion
  • Vibrating pillow with heated centred designed for enhanced comfort
  • Ideal for those with upper back or neck pain during winter
  • Lightweight and cordless design for on-the-go use
  • A comfortable and plush alternative to a standard pillow

Sissel Spiky Twin Roller Massager
  • Dual spiky ball handheld massager
  • Ideal for quick and easy massages
  • Particularly suitable for massaging the spinal column
  • Stimulates blood circulation for faster recovery

Original Franklin Soft Massage Balls
  • Pair of massage balls which adhere to the Franklin Method
  • Soft texture for sensitive users
  • Provides deep muscle penetration
  • Activates muscle relaxation reflexes

Sissel Ergo Roller Handheld Massager
  • Handheld egg-shaped massager
  • Ideal for gym-goers, runners and office workers
  • Different size and shaped knobs for varied massage
  • Reduces muscular tension and boosts blood circulation

Chemoderm Massage Oil
  • Specifically designed for dry, problem skin
  • Contains chamomile oil to prevent skin irritation
  • Uses vitamin E to help reduce the redness in scar tissue
  • Available in two differently sized bottles (500ml and 5 Litres)

Chemotherm Heat Rub
  • Provides a mild warming effect
  • Contains menthol and eucalyptus oil
  • Suitable as a pre-sport rub
  • Non-irritant to patient and massage therapist

HoMedics Perfect Reach Body Massager with Three Interchangeable Heads
  • Dual setting lightweight and portable handheld massager
  • Ideal for quick and easy relief from knots and tightness
  • Can be used anywhere on the body for instant relief
  • Comes complete with interchangeable heads for tailored pressure

Franklin Method Mini Exercise Roller
  • Inflatable peanut-shaped roller
  • Ideal for Franklin Method-based exercises
  • Capable of massaging away muscular tension and pain
  • Provides support across the spine, leg and shoulders

GEHWOL Emulsion for Foot Massage
  • Made with essential oils and GEHWOL active ingredients
  • Creates a smooth film on your clients' skin for easy massaging
  • Revitalises and stimulates circulation for your client
  • Uses cooling menthol to reinvigorate and energise clients

Ultimate Performance Muscle Foam Roller
  • Firm foam roller with contours to alleviate tension
  • Suitable for warm-ups and post-workout recovery
  • Pressure can be adjusted using your bodyweight
  • Works on a wide range of different muscle groups

Pro11 Peanut Spiky Body and Foot Roller
  • Contoured massage tool for body and feet
  • Eases muscle tension and reduces pain
  • Stimulates circulation and promotes healing
  • Compact and portable for use on the go

NAQI Medium Massage Lotion
  • Specifically designed for sensitive skin
  • Intensively hydrating formula
  • Free from mineral oil
  • Easy to rinse off of skin

Reflexology Foot Massage Pack
  • Kit including a foam roller and toe socks with a reflexology map
  • Ideal for anyone interested in learning more about foot massage
  • Helps to teach the user which areas of the foot to target
  • Great for relieving foot discomfort and improving health

Face Saver Massage Cushion Covers
  • Covers for the Face Savers Massage Cushions
  • Designed to easily slip on and off the cushions
  • Made from non-irritant materials for patient comfort
  • Maintains consistency and professionalism

Scar Management Mini Massager
  • Massager designed to deal with scar tissue
  • Comes with three head attachments (ball, spot and flat disc)
  • Vibrates at approximately 5,500 cycles per minute
  • Includes batteries for quick use straight out the box

Beurer MG10 Vibrating Massage Ball
  • Portable massage ball for back massages
  • Ideal for tense muscles or fasciae agglutinations
  • Easy-to-clean soft-touch surface
  • Can be used sitting, standing or lying down

Pro11 Massage Bar
  • Lightweight self-massage bar
  • Rotates to penetrate deeper into muscles
  • Relieves tightness and reduces pain
  • Increases circulation and warms muscles

Pro11 Massage Stick
  • Lightweight and durable self-massage stick
  • Can be used across the entire body
  • Rotates to penetrate deeper into muscles
  • Relieves tightness and reduces pain

Sissel Spiky Massage Ball (Pack of 2)
  • Set of two massage balls
  • Spikes allow for a probing deep tissue massage
  • Relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation
  • Available in 3 colour-coded sizes

Chemovine Hypoallergenic Massage Oil
  • Water washable clear massage oil
  • Made from pure oil which is easily absorbed by the skin
  • Leaves your skin feeling supple
  • Ideal for use on hairy skin

Thera Cane Deep Pressure Massager Instructional DVD
  • Demonstrates effective uses;
  • Shows hand placement and movements;
  • Easy to cue specific section;
  • Features warm-up stretches.


Baselin Massage Milk
  • Non-greasy formula for greater user comfort
  • Developed specifically for oily skin
  • Suitable for cross fibre tissue work and manipulation
  • Available in two different sized bottles (500ml and 5 Litres)

NAQI Massage Lotion for Sport
  • Oil-rich, non-greasy massage lotion for sports
  • Doesn't contain parabens or formaldehyde releasers
  • Designed for longer sports massages
  • Available in 500ml and 5L bottles

Pro11 Hot and Cold Foot Roller
  • Contoured foot roller with massaging dots
  • Relieves foot ache and soothes tired feet
  • Relieves pain of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • Can be used for hot or cold therapy

Live on the Edge Double Massage Ball
  • Double massage ball, perfect for massaging your back along the spine
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system
  • Excellent for reducing tension and stress
  • Small and practical, can be used at home or at work

RockTape RockBalls Massage Balls
  • Perform self-myofascial release with pinpoint accuracy
  • 3.5" textured ball and 2.5" smooth ball give two unique tools to break through tissue
  • Can be performed and where and everywhere
  • Instructions and detailed Movement Manifesto included

Sissel Fun Handheld Massager
  • Small and convenient massager
  • Ideal for relief from muscular tension and pain
  • Perfect for both a deep and light massage of neck and back
  • Available in five eye-catching colours

Physioworx Roller Ball Massager
  • Highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain.
  • Can help relieve stress and stiffness.
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation.
  • Can also be used for reflexology.

Ultimate Performance Spiky Massage Ball
  • Pair of massage balls for soothing muscle treatment
  • Provides pain relief for muscle tenderness and plantar fasciitis
  • Firm ball gently stimulates the area and promotes blood flow
  • Solid ball offers a deep massage to knead stubborn knots

Multi-Coloured Spiky Massage Balls
  • Spiky massage balls to relieve tension
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Uses latex-free materials for reduced irritation
  • Available in 5 different colours and sizes

Pumps for the Chemodol Massage Oil Bottles
  • Controls the amount of massage oil which comes out of the bottle
  • Speeds up the process of pouring out the oil
  • Easy to use
  • Available in two different sizes

Physioworx Massage Ball
  • Great for Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Used to massage any part of the body.
  • Relieves tension.

Vitility Massage Ball - 10cm
  • Massage ball designed to boost circulation
  • Suitable for any part of your body
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Great for releiving tension

Vitility Massage Ball - 8cm
  • Massage ball designed to boost circulation
  • Suitable for any part of your body
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Great for releiving tension

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