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Magnifying Glasses

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Vitility Classic Magnifier
  • Classic design magnifying glass with 2x and 6x magnification
  • Ideal for those with reduced eyesight
  • Comfortable soft touch handle
  • Includes light for reading in the dark

Desk Top Magnifier
  • Unique hands-free magnifying stand.
  • Fresnel-type swivel lens which revolves 360 degrees.
  • Lightweight plastic construction.
  • Magnification 2x.

Standing Page Magnifier
  • Stands at the perfect distance for reading.
  • Ideal for writing or any close work.
  • Legs fold up conveniently for storage.
  • Magnification 3x.

Folding LED Rectangular Magnifier
  • Extra bright, long lasting LED illumination.
  • Improves contrast of lettering against the page.
  • Supplied in gift box with protective pouch.
  • x3 magnification.

Hands Free Magnifier with Light
  • Use as a hand held or a hands free magnifier.
  • Ideal for reading, sewing or other hobbies.
  • Comes with a built in light.
  • Supplied with a neck cord.

Round LED Magnifier
  • Scratch-resistant aspheric lens for a clear image
  • LED light provides bright, even illumination
  • Ideal for use in poorly lit areas
  • Available with either a 75mm or 40mm lens

Magnifying Reading Glass 75mm
  • Ideal for reading books and papers
  • Handy size for travelling
  • Mounted in a durable plastic frame 

Magnifying Reading Glass 50mm
  • Ideal for reading books and papers
  • Handy size for travelling
  • Mounted in a durable plastic frame 

Full Page Flexible Magnifier
  • Ideal for reading small print.
  • Flexible with a soft touch frame.
  • Viewing area 250 x 180mm.
  • Approximately 2x magnification.

Dual Light Magnifier Measure
  • Combination steel measure, 3 magnification lens and 2 LED lights.
  • 1 metre (3 feet) steel measuring tape.
  • Magnifying glass with 3 different strengths (3X, 4X, 5X).
  • Powerful three LED torch


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items