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Magnetic Head and Neck Therapy Range

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Actiform Memory Foam Magnetic Cervical Neck Cushion
  • Soft neck cushion with embedded magnets
  • Ideal for soothing pain relief from sore necks
  • Great for comfort as you travel by train or plane
  • Available in a choice of white or grey

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Headband
  • Magnetic headband for natural pain relief
  • Ideal relief from migraines, headaches and more
  • Includes six pre-positioned magnets for targeted therapy
  • Self-fitting band for optimal fit and pressure

Actiform Memory Foam Magnetic Seat Cushion
  • Soft memory foam cushion for magnet therapy
  • Ideal for relief from lumbar pain as you work or travel
  • Includes 12 integrated magnets for powerful magnetic treatment
  • Memory foam dynamically moulds according to body heat

Actiform Magnetic Memory Foam Headrest Cushion
  • Headrest cushion with eight enclosed magnets
  • Ideal for encouraging relaxation and a healthier sleep
  • Soft memory foam construction moulds to suit your neck
  • Pre-positioned magnets provide effective relief

Wondermag Magnetic Ear Pieces
  • Snug fitting magnetic earpieces
  • Four integrated neodymium therapy magnets
  • Held in place behind the auricle
  • For relieving buzzing, ringing and pains

Spare Cover for the Actiform Magnetic Cervical Neck Cushion
  • Spare cover for the Actiform Magnetic Cervical Neck Cushion
  • Ideal for hygienically maintaining your neck cushion
  • Machine washable to 60 degrees for optimal care
  • Available in luxurious white or grey

Pro11 Tourmaline Magnetic Heated Neck Support
  • Nylon and neoprene brace to treat neck strain and injury
  • Provides compression and heat to promote healing
  • Contains magnets to help relieve pain and discomfort
  • Relaxes neck muscles and prevents spasms

Auris Magnet Divider
  • Easily separates magnets
  • Perfect for use with therapy magnets
  • Separates even the most powerful magnets
  • Requires little to no effort to use

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items