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Magnetic Back and Abdomen Therapy Range

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Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Back Support
  • Effective magnetic lumbar support
  • Ideal for relief from congestion, bad back and more
  • Includes 32 powerful integrated neodymium magnets
  • Includes 8 flexible ribs for extra back support

Auris Magnetic Therapy Seat Cushion Cover
  • Seat cover with 24 integrated neodymium magnets
  • Natural pain relief and relation
  • Straps onto any seat
  • Targets pain in the back, thighs and hips

Magnetic Back Straightener Posture Support
  • Posture correcting, shoulder positioning support
  • Supports head and vertebrae
  • 8 Actiflux hypoallergenic magnet capsules
  • Soft and comfortable fit

Wondermag Trapezius Magnetic Upper Back Support
  • Magnetic upper back support for shoulder blades
  • Ideal for relief of tension headaches and trapezian contractures
  • Includes 12 hypoallergenic neodymium magnets
  • Remains comfortable in any situation, no matter what

Beurer EM50 TENS Menstrual Relax Machine
  • TENS machine for treating period pains
  • Ideal for period cramps or endometriosis
  • Rechargeable battery for reliable use
  • Ergonomic shape fits to your stomach

Auris Lomboflex Horizontal Magnetic Back Support
  • Horizontal fitting magnetic back support
  • Ideal for those who suffer from chronic lower back pain
  • Ten integrated powerful magnets for soothing relief
  • Material is soft and comfortable against the skin

Auris Lomboflex Vertical Magnetic Back Support
  • Vertical fitting magnetic back support
  • Ideal for providing relief from sciatica, back pain and more
  • Eight integrated therapy magnets with 12,200 Gauss
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin

Actiform Memory Foam Magnetic Seat Cushion
  • Soft memory foam cushion for magnet therapy
  • Ideal for relief from lumbar pain as you work or travel
  • Includes 12 integrated magnets for powerful magnetic treatment
  • Memory foam dynamically moulds according to body heat

LP Magnetic Back Support
  • Provides support after back surgery or injury
  • Relieves chronic back pain and instability
  • Helps to eliminate excess water weight in the waist
  • Includes 50 magnets to improve blood circulation

Medimag Titanium Quantum Pocketed Band
  • Pocketed belt for secure hold of Medimags
  • Suitable for Medimag Titanium Quantum Magnets
  • Comfortable and soft against skin
  • 54cm length belt

Actiform Magnetic Back Support Cushion Spare Cover
  • Machine washable at 60°C
  • Spare or replacement cover
  • 75% cotton and 25% polyester
  • For use with the Actiform Magnetic Back Support Cushion

Pro11 Magnetic Back Support for Pain Relief
  • Magnetic compression belt for relief from back pain
  • Reduces pain and increases blood flow to facilitate healing
  • Support stays provide support to back muscles
  • Discreet and suitable for use on the go

Auris Magnet Divider
  • Easily separates magnets
  • Perfect for use with therapy magnets
  • Separates even the most powerful magnets
  • Requires little to no effort to use

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items