Medimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot Magnets
Medimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot MagnetsMedimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot MagnetsMedimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot MagnetsMedimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot Magnets
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Medimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot Magnets

  • 12 stick-on therapeutic magnets
  • 11mm and 15mm diameters
  • Can help alleviate joint and muscle pain
  • 30 adhesive plasters included


Dispatched in 1-14 days  

Dispatched in 1-14 days

£47.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£39.99 Exc. VAT)

Medimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot Magnets

Designed to give effective relief to the fingers, toes, wrist, knees and ankles, the Medimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot Magnets are compact and easy-to-use stick-on magnetics that give natural pain relief to joint and muscular aches.

By encouraging the body to create it's own 'natural morphine', magnetic therapy allows users to enjoy prolonged pain relief with magnets that can be worn for days at a time. Effectively alleviating chronic pain that might not otherwise respond to treatment, magnetic therapy is also able to improve balance, flexibility and the user's quality of sleep.

Specifications of the Medimag Titanium Spot Magnets

  • 6 neodymium magnets of 11mm diameter
  • 6 neodymium magnets of 15mm diameter
  • Remanence 12200 Gauss
  • 10 transparent polyurethane (50 microns) adhesive pads included
  • 20 white breathable non-woven, shower-proof adhesive pads included
  • Clear and detailed instructions for use included

What Are the Benefits of Using Magnets?

Aside from the easy, completely non-invasive treatment offered by magnets, they are also the economic choice when compared to traditional treatments:

  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Chosen from the latest generation of neodymium magnets due to their high magnetic performance
  • Magnetic therapy can help with pain relief, greater flexibility, more mobility, better sleep quality, more efficient hydration, restoring the body's energy balance and much more
  • No need to change, or recharge the magnets
  • Use several on different points of the body at the same time without risk
  • Only lose 4% of their power every 40 years - a long-term investment!

How to Use the Medimag Titanium Spot Magnets

  1. Always position the magnets in pairs, first applying the north side marked with an N on to the skin using the adhesive pad and then the south side (without a marking) in the same way.
  2. Continue doing this until the area to be treated is completely covered.
  3. Always ensure that there is 5 to 7cm between each magnet (failure to do so will cause the magnets to be attracted to each other and compromise their positioning).
  4. Magnets can be worn for as long as you require them (after 8 - 10 days it is advised that you let the skin breathe) including in the shower, the effects should be felt in approximately 3 - 5 days. 

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