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Finding the right ankle brace can be difficult, especially when it comes to balancing the level of support with the comfort and range of motion allowed. Our range of Lightweight Ankle Supports includes a number of high-quality supports that are especially suited to use when playing sports. Featuring breathable materials and low-profile designs, these ankle supports are discreet, comfortable and effective.

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Pair of Aircast A60 Ankle Braces (Left and Right)
  • Pair of ankle braces to prevent sprains and rollover
  • Designed for professional and amateur athletes alike
  • Comfortable to wear in almost any trainer or shoe
  • Quick and easy to put on Click for Sizing

Medi Achimed Achilles Tendon Support
  • Assists and supports function of the Achilles tendon
  • Comes with optional pair of silicone heel wedges
  • Ideal for acute and chronic inflammation of Achilles tendon
  • Suitable for post-traumatic inflammation

Medi Levamed Active Ankle Support
  • Provides superior stability and compression
  • Features an individual, adjustable and removable strap system
  • Massage effect from the integrated silicone reduces swelling
  • Protects against twisting (supination trauma), especially during exercise

Medi Levamed Ankle Support
  • Provides compression and stability 
  • Features include integrated silicone pads and tension strap
  • Suitable for 'football players ankle' and post traumatic inflammation
  • Also Suitable for sprains and instability of the ankle

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Ankle Support
  • Protects against lateral twisting of the foot
  • Provides increased stability and security for the ankle during activity
  • Suitable for ligament instability, rehabilitation, mild sprains and more
  • Aids circulation and activates surrounding musculature

Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Boa Ankle Brace
  • Lightweight ankle brace offering a high level of support
  • Ideal for restarting sports after mild to moderate sprains
  • Quick and easy fitting with the Boa Lacing System
  • Extra straps and a flexible metallic splint maximise stability

Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Lace-Up Ankle Brace
  • Additional straps and metallic splint provide stabilisation
  • Low profile allows brace to be worn in any type of shoe
  • Traditional lacing system ensures precise tightening
  • Premium Ankle Brace offers a high level of support

MedSpec ASO Ankle Stabiliser Brace
  • Breathable ankle support suitable for sports
  • Provides ankle stability to prevent ankle injury
  • Lace enclosure provides support and allows easy application
  • Suitable for either the left or the right foot

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace
  • Prevents rollover and ankle sprains with a plastic stabiliser
  • Designed for professional and amateur athletes alike
  • Comfortable to wear in almost any trainer or shoe
  • Quick and easy to put on Click for Sizing
  • Also available in white

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace White
  • Sports ankle brace designed to prevent rollover and ankle sprains
  • Designed for professional and amateur athletes alike
  • Comfortable to wear in almost any trainer or shoe
  • Quick and easy to put on over socks

Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Ankle Support
  • Targeted compression to reduce pain and swelling
  • Ideal for people with acute or chronic ankle injuries
  • Anatomical design for precise ankle support
  • Made with breathable fibres for added comfort

Ultimate Performance Advanced Compression Strap Ankle Support
  • Gradually compresses the ankle for pain relief and support
  • Ideal for aching ankles, mild sprains, strains and tendonitis
  • Lightweight materials allow for a complete, unrestricted motion
  • Strapping allows tailored compression to suit your needs

Donjoy Strapilax Adjustable Ankle Support
  • Prevents ankle injury and helps existing injuries to recover
  • Can be used while playing sports, hiking or walking to work
  • Anatomically designed for added comfort and support
  • Adjustable strap to regulate the level of compression

LP X-Tremus Ankle Brace
  • Provides excellent ankle support with robust compression
  • Features a unique Plantar Magic Power Band system
  • Preserves energy when dorsi-flexed while enhancing explosive motion
  • Made with a durable fitting knit from high permeability fabric

Donjoy Malolax Padded Ankle Support
  • Targeted compression to support injured ankles
  • Reduces pain and recurrent ankle swelling
  • Anatomical padding to protect and stabilise malleoli
  • Made with breathable fibres for added comfort

Paediatric Ankle Splint
  • Small ankle splint for children
  • Suitable for sprains, strains, post injury, post surgery and other ankle problems
  • Hook-and-loop straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit
  • Universal design for ease of use

OrthoSleeve AF7 Medical Compression Ankle Brace Sleeve
  • Lightweight, flexible and adaptable ankle brace
  • Seven compression zones provide targeted support
  • Soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Simple strap-free design, available in two sizes

LP Ankle or Foot Max Wrap
  • Provides firm support around the ankle and foot
  • Suitable for prevention and treatment of injury
  • Unique silicone backing provides non-slip support
  • Made with strong, non-tear cohesive fabric

Neoprene Anklet Ankle Support
  • Easy pull on pull off design;
  • Available in 4 sizes;
  • Provdies even light compression;
  • Made from Neoprene.

Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Ankle Support
  • Ankle support to provide therapeutic warmth and compression
  • Ideal for arthritis, stiffness and chronic ankle pain
  • Unique ceramic fibres deliver soothing heat to the ankle
  • Ambidextrous for use on either the left or right ankle

Ultimate Performance Compression Elastic Ankle Support
  • Elastic compression ankle support
  • Ideal for people with ankle injuries and sprains
  • Provides support and compression for optimal pain relief
  • Ambidextrous design suitable for either foot

Actimove Everyday Compression Ankle Support
  • Compression ankle brace to relieve pain and swelling
  • Ideal for repetitive strain injuries, swelling and chronic pain
  • Can be used during almost any activity for pain relief
  • Ambidextrous for comfort when worn on left or right ankle

Thermoskin Elastic Ankle Support
  • Provides even compression and support for weak and injured ankles
  • Ideal for injury-related pain and swelling
  • Anatomically designed and with no seams
  • Contours itself to fit your ankle shape

Actimove KIDS Ankle Support for Children
  • Ankle support for kids to provide relief from pain and swelling
  • Ideal for swelling, mild sprains, weak ankles and acute injuries
  • Provides compression and warmth that work together to relieve pain
  • Available in two sizes to suit children aged 6 to 15

Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support
  • Level 1 advanced elastic ankle brace
  • Ideal for people with mild ankle sprains or aches
  • Edge trim technology prevents slippage
  • Allows for full natural range of movement

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