Serious Readers Alex LED Floor Light with Dimmer
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Serious Readers Alex LED Floor Light with Dimmer

  • Provides high performance light with low energy usage
  • Ideal for anyone in need of high quality lighting 
  • Supplies reading light with a 3500K light beam
  • Includes dimmer switch for control of intensity
£299.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£249.99 Exc. VAT)

Serious Readers Alex LED Floor Light with Dimmer

Reading in low light can be damaging to the eyes, but lamps that provide premium light can be bulky and expensive, and can be awful when it comes to energy efficiency. The Serious Readers Alex LED Floor Light with Dimmer uses only a quarter of the energy of a halogen light, while providing six times more light than a halogen bulb for consistent, day-like illumination.

Key Features of the Serious Readers Alex LED Floor Light

  • High-performance light with low-energy usage
  • Provides 25,000 hours of maintenance free light
  • Shines a very white light that closely mimics sunlight
  • Recommended by optometrists for healthy reading light
  • Uses 85% less energy than typical incandescent light bulbs
  • Available in three finishes to suit your living space
  • Provides more light with less heat for longevity and cost-efficiency
  • Bright light won't decay with age, staying strong for its lifetime
  • Uses an optimised 3500K light beam with six times the light of other bulbs

Where Is the Dimmer and Power Switch?

The power on-off and dimming functions are both located in the same switch at the light-head itself. This easy to use combination switch makes it as easy as possible to achieve the perfect level of reading light.

Steady and Sturdy Base

To ensure your light is a sturdy addition to your space, it includes a heavy base to provide stability and prevent unwanted movement. Stylishly contoured, this base allows you to make slight adjustments without worrying about toppling the entire stand.

Cost-Efficient High Performance

Most lights that can provide sunlight-like light will use a large amount of energy, or will be extremely expensive to purchase. The Alex LED Light breaks free from the trend, providing premium quality light in an affordable fashion. With a stylish design, excellent energy efficiency and affordable price, this light ticks all the boxes for the reading enthusiast.

Lightweight and Heavyweight Model

The Serious Readers Alex LED Floor Light is available in a lightweight and heavyweight model. The lightweight model features a light base, which is designed with a contemporary look, and easier to move and bend than most floor lights.

Serious Readers Floor Light

The heavyweight base, on the other hand, ensures your light in planted firmly on your table. The base is deliberately weighty so that your light will be perfectly stable whenever it is positioned.

Convenient Dimmer Option

The dimmer function allows for your light to be finely adjusted to your specific needs. Turn down the light intensity when a softer light is required, then with one finger adjust it back up to full brightness when you need more light to get clarity.

Available in Three Finishes

Available in Black, Brass and Nickel versions, the Alex LED Floor Light gives you the option to pick the finish that will look best in your house. Read more about the three options below, and then please select the preferred one from the drop-down menu at the top of the page:

  • Black – the brass base metal is double-sprayed and double-baked to produce a durable matte black coating to the fully flexible stay-put arm. For a light that refuses to dominate the room, designed to blend and varnish into its surroundings, the all black finish is ideal.
  • Nickel – a 15 to 20 micron brushed nickel coating on the brass base metal gives a sharp, hi-tech brushed finish. The black base, handle and lamp head make for a stylish modern contrast.
  • Brass – the 20 to 30 micron of zapon-treated brass on brass provides a long-lasting classic look, and the real wood mahogany-effect handles on the heavyweight floor model adds a final flourish, making this combination the perfect match for the more traditional spaces.


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