Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist
 Oxford Elevate Mobile HoistOxford Elevate Mobile Hoist 
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Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist

  • Incredibly versatile and durable patient hoist
  • Suitable for a wide variety of care duties, including toileting, standing rehab, and transfers
  • Includes an integrated weight scale
  • Ergonomically designed for safety and user efficacy




£5,416.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£4,514.16 Exc. VAT)

Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist

About the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist

The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist is an incredibly strong and durable patient hoist that has been designed with the patient's independence as a priority. The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist comes with a number of features that make it an excellent choice for almost any care environment. The design of the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist takes into account the possibility of use with larger patients and as a result provides an impressive lift capacity of 200 kg (31st) and ergonomic design considerations of for ease of use and increased safety.

The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist is designed with the 5 key principles of patient handling in mind for maximum safety, comfort, and efficiency:

  1. Get close to the load
  2. Use of a wide stable base
  3. Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
  4. Keep spine close to neutral
  5. Make sure movement is smooth

Special Features of the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist

The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist comes with a number of special features designed for maximum versatility and efficacy:

The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist can be used with either a standing or a transport sling which allows the carer to carry out a wide variety of care duties, including:

  • Patient Monitoring
  • Toileting
  • Standing
  • Point-to-Point Transfers
  • Walking/Rehab

An integrated digital weighing scale is integrated into the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist to allow for the carer to weigh the patient during transfers rather than transferring them to a secondary weighing scale therefore saving time and avoiding additional discomfort to the patient. The weighing scale comes with intuitive controls with an ergonomically designed layout for maximum user efficacy. The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist's scales are calibrated prior to delivery and gives an accurate reading up to 200 kg in 0.2 kg increments.

The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist is endowed with an impressive lift capacity of up to 200 kg (31st) which enables the transfer of larger patients and allows for use in a wide variety of patient handling situations.

The Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist comes with a knee pad which is adjustable in height for maximum support and comfort. A retractable safety belt is also provided with the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist for extra support.

A removable foot tray and cover is provided with the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist; the foot tray is made from an easy-to-clean plastic to prevent cross-contamination. With the foot tray removed, the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist is transformed into a standing rehabilitation aid.

Technical Specifications for the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist

Below are the technical specifications of the Oxford Elevate Mobile Hoist:

Specification Imperial Metric
Safe Working Load 440 lbs 200 kgs
Maximum Overall Length 43.3 inches 1100 mm
Minimum Overall Length 41.0 inches 1040 mm
Maximum Overall Height 66.9 inches 1700 mm
Minimum Overall Height 48.4 inches 1230 mm
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 64.6 inches 1640 mm
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 37.2 inches 945 mm
Turning Radius 49.2 inches 1250 mm
Legs Open - External Width 39.1 inches 995 mm
Legs Open - Internal Width 34.3 inches 870 mm
Legs Closed - External Width 24.8 inches 630 mm
Legs Closed Internal Width 20.0 inches 510 mm
Widest Point (base width) 25.2 inches 640 mm
Overall Height of Legs 4.7 inches 120 mm
Ground Clearance 1.4 inches 35 mm
Front Twin Castors 4.0 inches 100 mm
Rear Braked Castors 4.0 inches 100 mm


Weights Imperial Metric
Mast, Base & Boom Assembly 130.1 lbs 59.0 kg
Power Pack 6.6 lbs 3.0 kg
Total 136.7 lbs 62.0 kg
Base Assembly (not including battery) 40.8 lbs 18.5 kg
Mast & Boom Assembly (not including battery) 66.1 lbs 30.0 kg
Foot Tray 23.1 lbs 10.5 kg


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