Genius 3 Tympanic Thermometer with Disposable Covers for Hygiene Control

Purekeys Keyboards and Mouses for Infection Control

WendyLett slide sheets for patient positioning

Safehip airx fall prevention underwear

Laerdal Suction Units

For high quality suction Laedal machines continue to be one of the most popular options available. Laerdal Suction Units are well trusted because of their proven performance in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings. If you have a question about one of our Laerdal products please contact our customer care team on, who will be happy to help with your enquiry.

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Laerdal Suction Unit LSU with Reusable Cannister
  • Tests whether unit is ready to use in the field in just 10 seconds
  • Prepared for emergency situations and improves patient safety
  • Suction indicator ensures correct vacuum strength is selected
  • Vacuum of up to 500+ mmHg and flow rate of >25 LPM

Laerdal Suction Unit with Serres Semi-Disposable Canister
  • Tells you in ten seconds whether the unit is ready to use in the field
  • Unit operates quietly and has a shock and splash proof design
  • Uses disposable liners to avoid contact with contaminates
  • Improved canister design helps you visualise fluid volume

Laerdal Compact 800ml Suction Unit (LCSU 4)
  • Disposable 800ml canister supported by wire stand bracket
  • Automatically stops suction/flow when canister is full
  • Power-cord can connect to vehicles for power supply
  • Combines rugged design with lightweight portability

Laerdal Compact 300ml Suction Unit (LCSU 4)
  • Automatically stops suction/flow when canister is full
  • Small, lightweight and compact for use in the field
  • Power-cord can be connected to vehicle to charge
  • Clean and efficient click-in-place canister

Laerdal Penguin Suction Device for Blocked Newborn Nasal Passages
  • Can be autoclaved or chemically disinfected
  • Able to withstand hundreds of uses
  • Designed to clear babies' airways
  • Made from one piece of silicone

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