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Laerdal AED Trainers

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Laerdal Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer 2
  • Simulates HeartStart FR2 AED in appearance, operation and voice prompts
  • Designed for use with AED Little Anne and AED Resusci Anne
  • Cost-effective operation through use of six C-cell batteries
  • Ten pre-configured sudden cardiac arrest scenarios

Laerdal AED Cardiac Arrest Trainer 3
  • Scenarios conform to local protocols or future guideline updates
  • Provides realistic training experience for emergency responders
  • Complete instructor control with flexible scenarios
  • Configured with eight real-world scenarios

Remote Control for the Laerdal AED Cardiac Arrest Trainer 3
  • Compliant with the AHA and ERC 2010 guidelines
  • Easily configure one of eight real-world scenarios
  • For use with the AED Cardiac Arrest Trainer 3
  • Remotely control the Cardiac Arrest Trainer

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items