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Total Running Comfort Bundle
  • Runner's pack to keep your feet comfortable and pain-free
  • Ideal for those whose feet become fatigued and painful during a run
  • Includes cushioning insoles and perfect compression no-tie laces
  • Helps to improve performance while enhancing comfort

Homecraft Coiler Shoe Laces
  • Convenient, easy-to-use shoe laces that don't require tying
  • Ideal for people with limited mobility in their back, hand or fingers
  • Helps to support self-reliance and independent living
  • Available in three colours: White, Black and Brown

Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Hiking Laces
  • Laces that provide a secure, catered fit
  • Ideal for all-day workers and hikers
  • Compression knot design prevents foot pain
  • Do not require tying making them suitable for high risk situations

Tylastic Shoe Laces
  • Completely eliminate the need to tie your laces
  • Feature flat style laces that stay securely tied
  • Ideal for people with limited mobility or arthritis
  • Available in two different sizes and two different colours

Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Shoe Laces
  • Pair of laces that ensure a tight, secure fit
  • Do not require tying, ideal for children and elderly
  • Smart design suitable for school and dress shoes
  • Compression knot technology prevents pain and sore feet

Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Sports Laces
  • Laces that stretch for optimal fit every time
  • Uses adjustable compression knots to fit to your foot
  • Allows shoes to be easily slipped on and off
  • Used by world class and casual athletes alike

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items