KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red
 KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape RedKT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red 
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KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red

  • Lasts approx 40-60 days.
  • 20 precut strips in 16' roll;
  • Reduce muscle pain;
  • Reduce pain, increase mobility, enhance recovery.




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KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red

The KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red is pre-cut so that is can be quickly and easily applied.

The KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility and enhances athletic performance. 

The KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent and treat hundreds of sports injuries. 

Features of the KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Red

  • Increases mobility
  • Enhances recovery
  • Reduce muscle pain
  • An application can last up to 5 days
  • 20 precut strips attached together in a 16′ roll
  • Precut strips are ready to apply out of the box 
  • Just tear off a strip and apply it to the injured area   
  • Enough tape for approx. 10-20 applications per roll
  • Generally lasts approx. 40-60 days based on usage
  • Provides pain relief and support for muscles and joints
  • Includes step by step instructions on how to apply the tape
KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is available in Pink, Black, Beige, Red and Navy Blue.  

Recommended storage instructions:

To maintain optimal performance, KT TAPE should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures (above 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and or high humidity (above 65%). Best performance if used within 1 year of purchase.




Instructions for the Features of the KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape

  1. Prepare the skin and be sure that the tape is at room temperature before applying. Be sure the skin is free from oils, lotions and moisture before applying. Cleaning the skin with alcohol will ensure a strong adhesive bond.
  2. The strips can be applied in 2 shapes either 'I' or 'Y' shapes. they can also be applied in two ways either by anchoring the tape at the end first by removing 2 inches of the paper from one end and then applying. Alternatively the tape can be anchored from the middle by tearing the paper in the middle and peeling back the paper to expose the middle section and applying.
  3. Always attach the last 2 inches of the tape without stretching.
  4. To ensure proper setting of the adhesive rub hand over the tape to secure the edges.
  5. A full instruction manual in included with detailed easy to follow instructions for apply tape to help with front shoulder pain, rotator cuff pain, lower back pain, middle neck pain, neck an shoulder pain, SI joint pain, runner's knee, shin splints, ankle sprain, Achilles tendon, tennis elbow and Plantar Fasciitis.
  6. The tape should provide lasting support for up to 5 days.

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