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Wondermag Magnetic Knee Clip
  • Shock-absorbing magnetic knee support reduces pain
  • Designed to provide support during sport activities
  • Features two integrated neodymium magnets
  • Ideal for knee pain and weak kneecaps

Medi Genumedi Knee Support
  • Provides superb stability and compression
  • Massaging affect of the fabric and silicon insert improves circulation
  • Suitable for osteoarthritis and arthritis of the knee
  • Suitable for patellofemoral pain syndrome

Donjoy Renegade Ligament Knee Brace
  • Perfect if you want to return to sporting activities
  • Designed with a lightweight aluminium frame
  • Significantly reduces strains on the ACL
  • Stabilises your knee to prevent injuries

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Phil Jones Kneehab TestimonialZoe Gillings Kneehab TestimonialChristopher Dean Uses Kneehab XP
Bryan Keane Kneehab XP Testimonial Neil Mellor Kneehab Testimonial David Knight Kneehab Testimonial

Phil Jones - Manchester United and England Football Star used Kneehab XP Following Major Knee Surgery

" Following my knee injury and subsequent operation to repair my meniscus in the 2010-2011 season, I used the Kneehab XP unit in the first 6 weeks of my rehabilitation. It was easy to use and helped to reinforce the gym-based rehabilitation programme provided by the Blackburn Rovers medical team. The back-up support from Neurotech was great when I needed extra application pads and I would recommend the unit to anybody in early-stage rehabilitation following knee surgery."

Phil Jones, Manchester United and England Footballer.


Zoe Gillings - Professional Olympic Snowboard Athlete used Kneehab to Effectively Recover from Cartlidge Surgery

I injured my left knee while competing in the winter Olympic Games in Vancourer in 2010. I had strained a ligament but the main problem was I had damaged the cartlidge. I had surgery on my knee to remove a loose body which was floating around and plave an artificial plug into the hole in my cartlidge. I had already lost some muscle in my quads and the operation disrupted my whole knee quite a bit, so I was unable to do anything with the leg for a whole two weeks, I couldn't walk on it, bend it tto far, I couldn't even lift my leg without it hurting!"

"As a pro athlete who's always active this didn't make me feel very good at all, lying around not being able to do anything and knowing my muscles were getting weaker by the day. The one thing I could do was to keep my quads strong using the Kneehab XP. It worked great at keeping my muscles going and kep me from feeling really helpless aswell. Once I was back up and walking I continued to the use the Kneehab XP until my leg was back to full strength again."

"It is a great piece of kit, no question. It works wonders and I would recommend it to anyone with knee problems."

Zoe Gillings, Olympic Snowboarder. Zoe went onto achieve third place ath the LG Snowboard FIS World Cup Finals in Arosa, Switzerland in March 2011.


Christopher Dean - Olympic Gold Medalist uses Kneehab XP to Manage Pain and Reduce Swelling in the Knees

"Someone of my age and body shouldn't be skating as much as I do. If you tally the distance I have skated in my career, I most probably would have skated 3 or 4 times around the world."

"Skating is performed in a semi-flexed position, so the constant stress on my knees is immense. Ove the past 5 years I have suffered a lot of pain in both knees, because of various reasons, impact, constant use, tears etc."

"This past year I tried out Kneehab XP from Neurotech and found it very useful. I was able to manage pain and reduce swelling, thus keeping me going through an intense work period. It was so easy to use. When I was actually working, or just relaxing, Iwas getting the benefits from its use. Kneehab XP will now become part of my skating kit, because I believe it managed my knee issues. Along with my very knowledgeable physio, we overcame knee issues before they escalated into something less manageable."

Christopher Dean OBE, Olympic Gold Medalist & Professional Ice Skater


Bryan Keane - International Irish Triathlete used Kneehab XP to get back in the Game Following Surgery

"When racingis your day job a serious injury can have a major impact on your life. Last September, coming off a 7th place finish at the ITU Triathlon World Sprint Championships in Lausanne, I was knocked off my bike while out ttraining. I sustained a shattered right patella and a very abrupt end to my season. Two surgeries and a lot of rehab later, Iwas back racing and only 4 months after my second surgery. An incredibly quick turnaround."

"Thankfully I was given the right support and medical attention that I needed and began using my Kneehab XP only 12 weeks after the accident and this has helped me get back racing quickly . I was in a leg brace for 12 weeks unable to bend my leg."

"After the accident, I had lost a serious amount of muscle on my leg through muscle atrophy. Ineede to build my leg back up again, but not being able to run or cycle, there was not a lot I could do to build the muscle back up. I had severe restriction in my leg, which meant even gym work was impossible. Thankfully this is where the Kneehab Xp really helped me out. Being able to do something to improve your condition while out injured helped me no end, both mentally and physically."

"I have used my Kneehab XP throughout my recovery and even now, 11 months after the accident, I still use it on a daily basis to help me regain lost muscles strength in my leg. From the first few days I could see an improvement in my quads, with the muscles mass beginning to increase. Kneehab XP has helped me get back racing quicker, which has meant that the down time has been as short as possible away from my day job of training and racing."

Bryan Keane, International Irish Triathlete.


Neil Mellor - Preston North End Footballer, successfully used Kneehab XP to Treat Problems in Both Knees

As a professional footballer I have struggled for five years to gain full match fitness due to severe inflammation of the knee tendons. Several knee operations including micro-fracturingin 2006, eased the symptoms, but I was left with sever muscles wastage of the quadriceps and extremely poor control of both knee joints."

"My physiotherapist informed me that a global muscle imbalance, continual pain and low-grade swelling was prolonging the irritation. The, in May 2008, she recommended that I use the Kneehab XP muscle stimulator. She believed this would enable me the achieve a targeted muscle re-education of the VMO (the muscle on the inside of the knee) which, she stated, was vital to regaining dynamic control of my knees."

"I used the Kneehab XP twice a day on both legs for six weeks - with excellent results! I found the main benefits to be increased knee stability and control when running, as well as increased power (without pain) when kicking a football."

"At a time when I sitll found it too painful to use the gym equipment to strenghten my legs, it was great to know that I was getting a focused and effective workout for my quadriceps muscles."

"Throuhgh a combination of physiotherapy and Kneehab XP, I am now the fittest I have been in five years. I believe that many of my fellow professionals would benefit greatfly from using Kneehab XP as an aide to returning to full fitness following injury."

"I found Kneehab XP both comfortable and easy to use and would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody wishing to accelerate their return to the sport they love."

Neil Mellow, formerly of Liverpool FC and now playing for Preston North End FC.


David Knight - 4-time World Motocycle Enduro Chamption Successfully used Kneehab XP after Surgery on both Knees

"After having surgery on both knees at the end of last year, I used the Kneehab XP straight away and the results were amazing. Keeping my muscles working was definitely a lot better and easier when I go back on my bike. Now, after having surgery on my hips, I am also seeing the benefits of using Kneehab XP. Thanks guys."

David Knight, 4-time World Motorcycle Enduro Chamption.