Push Med Knee Brace
Push Med Knee BracePush Med Knee BracePush Med Knee Brace
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Push Med Knee Brace

  • Provides excellent support to middle and outside of the knee joint
  • Ideal for use when skiing and a range of other activities
  • Microfibre technology absorbs sweat for all day comfort
  • Low profile design reduces bulkiness and allows natural movement of the knee
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Push Med Knee Brace

The Push Med Knee Brace provides substantial support and protection to the knee joint due to its advanced construction and design, and is ideal for use when skiing.

The Push Med Knee Brace supports the knee joint in the medio-lateral direction with two non-axial leaf spring hinges that follow the natural rotation movements of the knee in a unique way. This means that flexion and extension of the knee are not hindered by the design of the knee brace. The band design and construction ensure that the hinges fit well with the joint.

Designed For Comfort

The Push Med Knee Brace has specialised comfort zones strategically placed around vulnerable areas of the knee. An anti-migration material stops the brace sliding down the leg during activity ensuring that the Push Med Knee Brace remains in position all day long. 

The microfibre material used in the manufacturing of the knee brace makes the inside of the Push Med Knee Brace feel soft and wicks away moisture keeping the skin dry. 

The Push Med Knee Brace Is Ideal For Skiing

This is one of the best knee braces on the market that can provide excellent support to the knee joint when skiing. The Push Med Knee Brace's low profile design means that it can be worn under ski trousers or salopettes. 

Superb Anatomical Fit

The good anatomical fit and the silicone application help the position of the brace to be maintained when walking.

Indications For Use

The Push Med Knee Brace provides high level knee support for the following conditions:

  • Arthrosis with hydrops
  • Rheumatoid arthritis with synovitis
  • Functional instability after collateral ligament trauma
  • Residual instability after collateral ligament trauma
  • Late follow-up treatment after ligament surgery
  • Disorders or reduced functioning of the locomotor apparatus

Sizing Of The Push Med Knee Brace

Please select your size from the table below. For the correct size, measure around the lower leg at the point just below the kneecap and above the calf (at the top of the shin).

Size Measurement around the lower leg  (cm)
1 28cm - 31cm
2 31cm - 34cm
3 34cm - 37cm
4 37cm - 41cm
5 41cm - 45cm

Washing Instructions For The Push Med Knee Brace

Before washing the Push Med Knee Brace ensure that the Velcro is closed . The brace can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius, on a delicate fabrics cycle or by hand. Do not use any bleaching agents. A gentle spin-dry cycle can be used: after this, hang the Push Med Knee Brace up to dry in the open air (not near a heating source or in a tumble drier).

To extend the Push Med Knee Brace’s service life, it should be dried after use, if necessary, before being stored.

Important Information of the Push Med Knee Brace

Proper use of the Push Med Knee Brace may require diagnosis by a doctor or therapist. Consult a specialist if the product requires individual adaptation. Check your Push Med Knee Brace each time before using for signs of wear or ageing of parts or seams. Optimal performance of your Push brace can only be guaranteed if the product is fully intact.

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