Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for Osteoarthritis
Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for OsteoarthritisDonjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for OsteoarthritisDonjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for Osteoarthritis
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Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

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  • Designed to tackle mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain through offloading pressure
  • Best used for light active activities such as walking, golf or hiking
  • Moisture wicking technology ideal for warmer weather
  • Special hinge allows you to adjust pressure to suit you
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Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

The Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Knee Support for Osteoarthritis is a knee brace that fits around your knee, offloading the pressure that is causing your arthritis in the first place. Using breathable and lightweight C-6 technology for warmer conditions, this brace can get you out walking, playing golf, shopping and more with reduced pain and knee stiffness.

Buying Advice:

  • Inner Left Knee Pain: Choose the Medial Left/Lateral Right Brace
  • Outer Left Knee Pain: Choose the Medial Right/Lateral Left Brace
  • Inner Right Knee Pain: Choose the Medial Right/Lateral Left Brace
  • Outer Right Knee Pain: Choose the Medial Left/Lateral Right Brace

What Is the Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Support For?

The Donjoy OA Knee Support will tackle osteoarthritis pain and stiffness by offloading the pressure from one side of your knee to the other. We would recommend using the Clima-Flex if you:

  • Suffer from mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain
  • Play sports, golf, walking and hiking
  • Need a brace for warmer weather

Who Can Use the Donjoy Support for Osteoarthritis?

The Donjoy Knee Support is recommended for anyone who is suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain. This can range from slight pain during walking to more severe types of stiffness that make mobility difficult. You can use this brace whenever you undergo activity, whether it be going on arduous hikes or gentle strolls to the shop.

How Does the Clima-Flex Knee Support Work? 

When you suffer from osteoarthritis, the surfaces of your knee become damaged and it prevents your knee from moving as it should. Cartilage becomes rough and thin, the bone grows too thick and your knee can swell. Your body can repair the damage on its own, but often it will leave behind an injured knee. 

The Donjoy OA Knee Support works by delivering comfortable, cooling relief through compression and off-loading. New Donjoy C-6 Fabric Technology delivers breathable, moisture-absorbing comfort to the knee, and using antimicrobial technology keeps the knee joints cool.

C-6 Technology For Fighting Osteofibrosis
C-6 fabric helps to keep the Donjoy OA Brace comfortable

Features of the OA Knee Support Clima-Flex

  • New Donjoy C-6 Fabric Technology delivers gentle compression that keeps knee cool 
  • Antimicrobial agents work to control temperature so that the knee does not overheat and prevent odour 
  • Fitted with fly on-the-wall hinge adjustment allows user instant pain relief
  • E-Z grip handles and intuitive wraparound design ensure form-fitting comfort 
  • Easily adjustable for more or less compression and user comfort
  • Cuffs are subtle and concealed in the thigh which increases confidence and comfort

Which Size Should I Choose?

The Donjoy OA Knee Brace is available in seven sizes that should suit most users. To find your size, please measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm (6") above the middle of your kneecap.

Where to Measure Your Thigh

Size Thigh Circumference
Extra Small 33 - 39cm (13 - 15.5")
Small 39 - 47cm (15.5 - 18.5")
Medium 47 - 53cm (18.5 - 21")
Large 53 - 60cm (21 - 23.5")
Extra Large 60 - 67cm (23.5 - 26.5")
XX-Large 67 - 75cm (26.5 - 29.5")
XXX-Large 75 - 81cm (29.5 - 32")

How Do I Fit the Donjoy Clima-Flex Brace?

To fit your brace, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the Brace:
    1. Open the brace by opening the straps and the flaps.
  2. Put the Brace On:
    1. Line the centre of the hinge to the centre of the knee, and wrap the side flap around the top of your leg.
    2. The hinge should be on the unaffected side of the knee and the patella hole should be over your patella.
    3. Wrap the calf strap around the calf.
  3. Make Adjustments:
    1. Use the straps to make sure the brace is tight enough.
  4. Strap the Calf:
    1. Use the below calf strap to tighten the brace further.
    2. Use the thigh strap to strap the thigh in tight.
  5. Adjust Hinge:
    1. Rotate the knobs on the hinge clockwise to tighten your brace (make sure there is no more than a 2 digit difference on the two digit indicators.
  6. Watch the Below Video for a Tutorial:

Can I Be Active While Wearing the Donjoy OA Knee Brace?

Yes, the Donjoy Clima-Flex Knee Brace is actually designed using C-6 Fabric Technology that offers a breathable, moisture wicking fit that keeps your leg cool even when the brace is underneath clothes. This means that you can use it for light activities such as golf and hiking without too much stress. The brace is designed to help you stay active in the face of OA.

How Does Offloading Work?

Offloading means that the pressure is moved from one side of your knee to the other. As arthritis is caused when two bones rub on one another, by relieving these bones of pressure, it means that you don't feel the pain associated with OA. For more information on how offloading works, please visit our How Does Offloading Work Guide.

Can I Wear the Donjoy OA Clima-Flex Brace Under Clothes?

The Donjoy OA Brace is slimline, featuring a thin wraparound design that fits close to the leg. This means that you can easily fit clothing over the top of your brace without too much trouble.

How Long Do I Have to Wear the Clima-Flex For?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for osteoarthritis. However, that doesn't mean that the pain won't go away after a few months of using the brace. We would recommend using this brace when you partake in any form of activity.

We do recommend that you build up the amount of time that you spend wearing the brace. OA braces are designed to realign your leg, so taking your time and getting accustomed to thee brace is a good idea.

Is the Clima-Flex Brace a Cure for OA?

As mentioned above, the Clima-Flex is not a cure for osteoarthritis, however it will help alleviate some of the symptoms. If you are suffering from OA because of an earlier injury, then using this brace could lead to your OA disappearing.

How Comfortable Is the Donjoy Clima-Flex Knee Brace?

The comforting Clima-Flex features a number of special features that will make the brace more comfortable to wear. These include special E-Z Grip Handles so that you don't strain while putting the brace on, C-6 Fabric Technology that prevents your leg from overheating, and special hinge adjustment settings for a catered level of compression.


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Good support for osteoarthritis.....but
Wednesday, 30 June 2021  | 

I have two issues, one it is really difficult to see the numbers on the dials as located in a near impossible position to see, unless you can bend over and see them once the brace is on your knee, second, instructions are dire. Was sent some additional items (think they limit the brace in its movement according to my physio) but no instructions what to do with them ???!!!!! Really annoying

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