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Teal Tool Tea Bag Strainer
  • Easy to use;
  • No drips on worktops;
  • Simple tea making solution;
  • No burnt fingers, and no mess!

Vitility Chopping Board - Steady
  • Makes it possible to make sandwiches with one hand
  • Vertical pins and anti-skid cutting surface hold the bread steady
  • Lip on the front for countertop ends and anti-skid caps hold the board steady
  • Dishwasher safe up to 65 degrees Celsius 

Grip Cup Plus Drinking Aid
  • Textured surface to allow a firm grasp
  • Illustrations to indicate liquid capacity
  • Allows carer to monitor consumption
  • Suitable for those with weaker grip

Homecraft Caring Right Handed Spoon
  • Handle comfortably fits the shape of the hand
  • Perfect for users with weak or painful grip
  • Designed to minimise wrist movement
  • Suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher

Homecraft Caring Soft Coated Spoon
  • Designed for those with bite reflex problems
  • Bowl of spoon is coated in food quality PVC
  • Easy to grip contoured plastic handles
  • Suitable to use in the dishwasher

Homecraft Lightweight One-Handed Foam Cutlery
  • Each style functions as both a fork and knife
  • One-handed utensils with a foam handle
  • Ideal for those with limited hand function
  • Soft, ribbed foam for an easy grip

Homecraft Shatterproof Mug
  • Shatterproof mug prevents breakage
  • Supplied with two interchangeable lids
  • Made from clear, extra strong plastic
  • Large smooth handle to aid grip

Homecraft Wing Handled Beakers
  • Gradation on the side to monitor consumption
  • Suitable for users with weak or painful grip
  • Wing handled beakers supplied as a pair
  • Includes two spouts for different liquids

Plastic Multi Opener
  • Multi purpose design;
  • Opens aluminium tabs;
  • Twists off pressure sealed caps;
  • Easy to use and clean.

Plastisol Coated Spoon
  • Rounded edges perfect for sensitive mouths
  • Bowl of spoon coated in food quality PVC
  • Reduces chance of galvanic shock
  • Dishwasher safe up to 80°C

Re-Useable Drinking Straws (Pack of 10)
  • Pack of 10 extra long drinking straws
  • Available in different styles and diameters
  • Allows users to reach drinks from a distance
  • Encourages a level of independence for the user

Turn Key
  • Makes carton screw cap removal easy;
  • Great for children and the elderly;
  • Small hook for opening seal;
  • Easy to use and to clean.

Baby Boa Jar and Bottle Opener
  • Allows for excellent grip on smaller bottles and jars
  • Black pull tail allows for one-handed adjustment
  • Easily fits around lids up to 10cm in diameter
  • Perfect for users with a weak grip

Homecraft Queens Standard Cutlery
  • Suitable for those with restrictive grip
  • Cylindrical handle to assist gripping
  • Individual stainless steel utensils
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher

Kings Lightweight Foam Handles
  • Attaches to any Kings Cutlery utensil
  • Durable yet lightweight foam handle
  • Suitable for those with a weak grip
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher

One-Way Drinking Straws (Pack of 2)
  • Prevents fluid from dropping back down the straws
  • Minimises the chance of accidental air ingestion
  • Contains two drinking straws of different lengths
  • Enables a user to drink independently

Drive Medical - Cutlery
  • Designed to help with arthritis or limited handgrip;
  • Ergonomically designed, stable and comfortable grip;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Attractive and functional design.

Homecraft Caring Angled Fork
  • Contoured and moulded handle for comfortable grip
  • Ideal for those with limited arm or hand motion
  • Angled to minimise the user's wrist movement
  • Left and Right Handed versions available

Homecraft Incurve Plate Surround
  • Fits plates with external diameter of 19 - 25cm
  • Ideal for users with use of only one hand
  • Prevents food from falling off the plate
  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly

Homecraft Standard Caring Cutlery
  • Stainless steel safe to use in the dishwasher
  • Designed to reduce movement of the wrist
  • Ideal for those with weak or painful grip
  • Curved indents for directional control

Homecraft Twister Jar Opener
  • Easily opens twist-off lids on jars
  • Opens tops up to 8.5cm in diameter
  • Fits easily in the palm of your hand
  • Causes less strain on muscles and joints

Multi-Opener for Cans and Bottles
  • Multi-function can and bottle opening device
  • Easily opens aluminium tabs and can pulls
  • Twists off pressure-sealed caps on bottles
  • Ideal for those with weak hands or wrists

Kings Double Ended Handles
  • Creates a versatile, one-handed utensil
  • Includes strap to secure handle in place
  • Attaches to any Kings Cutlery utensil
  • Suitable for users with weak grip

Interchangeable Cup Lids
  • Enables individuals to drink independently
  • Spill-proof option ensures minimal leaks
  • Allows users to control the flow of liquid
  • Spouts are available in 5mm or 13mm

Drinking Tube for the Hydrant 1 Litre Drinking System
  • Long drinking tube (44") for users to easily access water
  • Compatible with the Hydrant 1 Litre Drinking System
  • Includes a mouthpiece and clip to hang on clothes
  • Keep as a useful spare or replacement tube

Set of Spikes for the Homecraft Plastic Spread Board
  • Compatible with the Plastic Spread Board
  • Acts as a good spare or replacement part
  • Ideal for those with limited hand function
  • Encourages safe and independent living

Canpull Tin Can Opener
  • Makes opening ring pull on tin cans much easier
  • Features sodasnap for ring pulls on drink cans
  • Perfect for those with reduced hand mobility
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher

Grip Handles for the Homecraft Deluxe Nosey Cup
  • Fits easily onto the Homecraft Deluxe Nosey Cup
  • Allows two-hand grasp for those with weak grip
  • Ideal for users with restricted head movement
  • Keep as a spare or replacement part
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