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Kegel Orgasm Balls

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Lelo Luna Kegel Balls


  • Silicone holder & weighted beads;
  • Two pink & Two powder beads; 
  • Combined pleasure/exercise system;
  • For circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.


Duotone Orgasm Balls
  • Plastic weighted balls;
  • Firm marble effect plastic;
  • Handy cord for easy removal;
  • For waves of orgasmic delight.

Gold Kegel Love Balls
  • Great gift idea;
  • Vibrating effect;
  • Firm golden plastic;
  • Irresistible sexual stimulation.

Graduated Orgasm Balls
  • Weighted balls;
  • Firm pink plastic;
  • Small/medium/large balls;
  • Nylon cord for easy removal.

King Size Love Balls
  • Firm purple vinyl;
  • Very large love balls;
  • Over 2 inches in diameter;
  • will give you hours of fun.

Lelo Luna Mini Kegel Balls

  • Stylish and discreet;
  • Strengthens the vaginal wall;
  • Combined pleasure & fitness;
  • Develop increased resistance.

Lelo Luna Noir Kegel Balls


  • Sleek and seductive package;
  • Responds to your movements;
  • Strengths pelvic floor muscles; 
  • Improves tightness & circulation.


Nen Wa Orgasm Balls
  • Sturdy retrieval cord;
  • Weighted orgasm balls; 
  • Quality seamless construction;
  • For kegel exercises or stimulation.

Oscillating Duo Love Balls
  • Oscillating enjoyment;
  • With inner internal weights;
  • Strong and durable pull cord;
  • Firm marble effect rubber balls.

Rocks-Off Steel Love Balls
  • Stimulate your G-Spot;
  • 25mm diameter steel balls;
  • Massage your vaginal muscles;
  • Give your pelvic floor muscles a work out.

Silver Orgasm Balls
  • Firm silver plastic;
  • Safe & handy removal cord;
  • Creates a vibrating sensation;
  • Made famous by fifty shades of grey books.

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items