Orthosleeve FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeves
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Insoles for Plantar Bursitis

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Ultimate Performance Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Kit
  • Insoles, arch support and massage balls for plantar fasciitis
  • Assists with prevention, recovery and treatment respectively 
  • Ideal for anyone who suffers from debilitating foot pain
  • Reduced price to provide an economical recovery kit

Sidas City+ Half Insoles
  • Half insole designed for heel support, cushioning and stability
  • Ideal for low volume city shoes too small for a regular insole
  • Reduces blisters, foot pain and other problems from hard shoes
  • Firm foam build pairs stability with comfort for all day wear

Sidas City+ Lady High-Heel Insoles
  • Comfortably padded with foot support for reinforcement
  • Designed for women's fashion shoes such as high-heels
  • Slim insoles promote correct posture and foot alignment
  • Combat calluses, blisters, foot fatigue and general pain

Tri-Layer EVA Firm Support Insoles
  • EVA insoles designed to provide control and firm support
  • Constructed from three layers of EVA for superior performance
  • Absorb shock to prevent pain and injury in the feet and lower limbs
  • Ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet

Sidas 3Feet Slim Medium Arch Insoles
  • Antibacterial microfibre top layer for hygienic, space saving cushioning
  • Easily convertible into half-insoles to ensure they will fit most shoes
  • Medium arch support now with slim design for low volume footwear
  • Also available in Low and High Arch variations

Silipos WonderCup Gel Heel Pad Shoe Insole
  • Provide maximum support and shock absorption;
  • Clear silicone construction with softer coloured insert for additional relief to sensitive areas;
  • Aids with burisitis, achilles tendonitis, pressure ulcers and plantar fasciitis;
  • Supplied in pairs.

Sidas Multisports Double Gel Comfort Insoles
  • Shock absorption zones in heel and forefoot for maximum joint protection
  • Reduce impacts during sports for joint health and optimum performance
  • Antibacterial bamboo topcover and perforations for long-lasting hygiene
  • Flexible foam base cushions the foot to keep it happy and comfortable

Sidas Dailylife Cushioning Gel Slim Insoles
  • Gel microbubbles provide dynamic cushioning to the heel and ball of the foot
  • Active shock and impact absorption ideal for high impact sports or daily use
  • Slimmer design with no excess materials fits within low volume footwear
  • Perforated to encourage airflow and reduce sweat build up for fresher feet

Footmedics Silicone Gel Heel Cups
  • Dual-density, medical-grade silicone gel provides double cushioning
  • Wrap-around design fully protects the entire heel
  • Absorbs shock, relieving stress on the feet
  • Combats heel pain and encourages natural recovery of the foot

Footmedics Silicone Gel Heel Cushions
  • Dual-density, medical grade silicone gel provides double cushioning
  • Absorbs shock, relieving stress on the heel
  • Combats heel pain and aches and encourages natural recovery of the foot
  • Low profile and able to fit into most shoes

Pro11 Orthotic Silicone Blue Spot Heel Insoles
  • Strong and durable silicone heel insoles
  • Absorb shock, reduce pressure and cushion heels
  • Provide long-lasting and reliable support
  • Relieve heel pain and prevent heel injury

Pro11 Redline Gel Sports Insoles
  • Gel insoles designed to absorb shock during sports
  • With metatarsal and heel pads for enhanced protection
  • Contoured design cushions sore and tired feet
  • Soft fabric upper for improved comfort

Pro11 Sports Orthotic Insoles with Flex Arch System
  • Orthotic insoles designed to fit sports shoes
  • Suitable for high-impact sports activities
  • Absorb shock and reduce pressure
  • Flexible arch strip prevents arch pain and injury

Pro11 Ultra Air Orthotic Insoles
  • Orthotic insoles with unique bubble technology
  • Support, cushion and reduce impact
  • Alleviate plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • Suitable for most activities and sports

Sidas Anatomic Comfort Insoles
  • Made entirely from EVA foam for total cushioning and comfort
  • Versatile design suitable for the majority of shoes and sports
  • Anatomical shape stabilises the foot within the shoe for support
  • Antibacterial top layer with perforations for maximum hygiene

Pro11 Neoprene Heel Savers for General Comfort and the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel and ankle compression sleeves
  • Absorb shock and cushion heels
  • Increase circulation to promote healing
  • Treat plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Pro11 Heel Pain Relief Pads for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shock-absorbing heel pads
  • Prevent heel pain and injury
  • Alleviate plantar fasciitis
  • Reduce stress in the lower limbs

Pro11 Non-Slip Ball of Foot Arch Support Inserts (Pair)
  • Gel ball-of-foot and arch support inserts
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Self-adhesive for reliable support
  • Supplied as a pair of inserts

Pro11 T-Bone Heel Cups
  • Dual-density silicone gel heel cups
  • Reduce pressure and absorb shock
  • Protect against pain and injury
  • Relieve plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Page 1 of 1:    20 Items

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