FootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for Diabetes
FootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for DiabetesFootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for DiabetesFootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for Diabetes
FootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for DiabetesFootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for Diabetes
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FootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for Diabetes

  • Shoe insoles for people with Diabetes
  • Helps to prevent conditions caused by foot neuropathy
  • Maximises comfort for its wearer
  • Also suitable for general sensitive feet
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FootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for Diabetes

Developed by podiatrists, the FootActive Sensi Sensitive Insoles for Diabetics are perfect for diabetics, sufferers of arthritis and anyone else with sensitive feet. These full length orthotic insoles work to minimise discomfort and reduce the risk of injury, such as the development of diabetic ulcers.

How Do the FootActive Sensi Insoles Work?

The FootActive Sensi Insoles are all-round shoe insoles designed to reduce pressure on the feet of diabetics, and all people who suffer from sensitive feet. They provide gentle arch and metatarsal support while offering comprehensive cushioning to reduce the risk of impact or friction for the whole foot.  

Which Size is Right for Me?

To find your perfect size of insoles, simply match your shoe size to the table below. If you require a more personal fit for your insoles, it is possible to carefully trim the top edge of the insoles.

Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small Size 3 - 4.5
Small Size 5 - 6.5
Medium Size 7 - 8.5
Large Size 9 - 10.5
Extra Large Size 11 - 13

What are the Features of FootActive Sensi Insoles?

  • Cushioned polythurethane base offers comprehensive support.
  • Forefoot padding provides coverage and comfort to the front of the foot.
  • Shock absorbing gel heel maximises comfort and prevents injury while walking.
  • Built in arch support and metatarsal raise contribute to robust mid-foot support.
  • Full length orthotic sole to provide comprehensive coverage and support to your feet.
  • Plastazote top layer to minimise pressure and friction exerted on you feet.
  • Easily trimmed by scissors to help you achieve a perfect fit.

What Activities Are the Sensi Insoles Designed For?

These insoles are built for general use in your normal shoes, and are compatible with lace up footwear, trainers and work boots or shoes. If you suffer from diabetes, even seemingly normal activities can cause ulcers to develop and the FootActive Sensitive Insoles help to guard against this happening.

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is when the body's extremities begin to develop nerve damage. In diabetes this occurs over time from high blood sugar levels and is known as Diabetic Neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy can only be improved by gaining control of your blood sugar levels, but protection can prevent the escalation of conditions related to neuropathy, such as infected foot ulcers and wounds.

Nerve damage in the body cannot be undone, and if left unmanaged can result in serious complications, such as gangrene. This is why it is so important to give your feet the care they need before problems emerge or begin to accelerate.

What Differentiates Sensi Insoles from Other Insoles?

The FootActive Sensi Insoles are built to care for exceptionally sensitive feet which are vulnerable to nerve damage. They feature an anatomical design which prioritises arch and metatarsal support and keep the whole foot stable. At the same time their plastazote top layer minimises pressure and friction on the feet.

Together with the shock absorbing gel heel, these features prevent excessive pressure to your feet and slow the progression of neuropathy symptoms. They are also built to reduce the risk of ulceration or wound development.

Which Conditions are the FootActive Sensi Insoles Appropriate For?

  • Heel pain
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Metatarsal pain
  • Sensitive feet

Are these Insoles Only For Diabetes?

The same features which help to prevent the development of issues related to diabetic neuropathy offer comfort and support to other sensitive feet, including arthritic feet.

How Can the Sensi Insoles Help with My Foot Arthritis?

The comprehensive cushioning of these shoes, as well as their anti-friction qualities, provide gentle support to sensitive feet. For arthritic feet this means less pressure that might cause discomfort, as well as support to help prevent injury.

Which Other FootActive Insoles are Available?

There are a remarkable number of FootActive Insoles expertly developed for a range of specific uses and conditions. 

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