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Infrared Light Therapy

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TDP Infrared Heating Lamp
  • Digital heating lamp
  • Features a single head
  • Charged thermal plate
  • Ideal for relief from pain & inflammation

Circulation Maxx Circulation Booster Massager
  • Circulation massager for improved blood circulation
  • Suitable for relieving aches, pains and poor blood flow
  • Uses TENS technology to mimic walking action
  • Features 25 programmes, 99 intensity levels and one touch remote

TDP Infrared Heating Lamp Replacement Head
  • Replacement head for the TDP Infrared lamp
  • Cost-effective solution if head breaks
  • Keeps the lamp fully operational at all times
  • Helps target infrared light therapy 

Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp
  • Features a 15-minute timer and automatic switch-off
  • Helps with colds, and tense or aching muscles
  • Steplessly adjustable tilt angle for flexibility
  • Enables easy exchange of tubes

Beurer IL35 Infrared Lamp for Colds and Muscle Strains
  • Provides pleasant heat for use with colds and muscle tension
  • Features a three-level electronic timer with LED display
  • Has an automatic switch-off once the timer level has elapsed
  • Adjustable screen with five tilt positions

Beurer Infrared Lamp for Pain Relief IL21
  • Infrared heat lamp for muscle pain
  • Suitable for infrared light therapy and pain relief
  • Features adjustable screen with five tilt positions
  • Dimensions: 145 x 220 x 175mm

TDP Infrared Heating Lamp Replacement Plate
  • Replacement thermal plate for the TDP Infrared Heating Lamp
  • Cost-effective answer to keep the lamp at full working condition
  • Helps to target infrared therapy to specific parts of the body
  • Straightforward and easy to change the thermal plate

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items