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Infant Transport

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Babypod 20 Infant Transportation System
  • Extra-safe, high-tech infant transport device
  • Provides safe transport of patients with maximum weight of 8kg
  • Easily lifted in and out of vehicles by two people
  • Crash-tested to EN 1789 and CEN-compliant

S-CAPEKIDS Baby Evacuation Mattress
  • Evacuation mattress designed to evacuate newborns, toddlers and babies
  • Ideal for use in maternity wards or childcare centres
  • Allows a single carer to safely evacuate four babies
  • Helps ensure you can get children up or downstairs safely

Pedi-Mate Paediatric Transportation
  • Ideal solution for paediatric transportation on a stretcher trolley in an emergency setting;
  • Designed for use on a trolley with a raised backrest;
  • 5-point adjustable harness;
  • Quick release buckles;

BabyPod Vacuum Mattress
  • Flexible mattress for the Babypod 20 Infant Transport Device
  • Ideal for safe storage and transportation of hospitalised infants
  • Moulds around baby and stays in pace during x-rays
  • Highly flexible and comfortable

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