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Electric Motor And GeneratorElectric Motor And Generator
£265.99more info

Electric Motor and Generator

Flat Coil In Rotatable FrameFlat Coil In Rotatable Frame
£224.99more info

Flat Coil in Rotatable Frame

Helmholtz Coils 300 mmHelmholtz Coils 300 mm
£469.99more info

Helmholtz Coils, 300 mm

Induction ApparatusInduction Apparatus
£854.99more info

Induction Apparatus

Set Of 3 Induction CoilsSet Of 3 Induction Coils
£361.99more info

Set of 3 Induction Coils

Variable Inductance CoilVariable Inductance Coil
£330.99more info

Variable Inductance Coil

Waltenhofen PendulumWaltenhofen Pendulum
£115.99more info

Waltenhofen’s Pendulum

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Health and Care
Health and Care
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