New Age Kurling Indoor Curling Gold Bundle
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New Age Kurling Indoor Curling Gold Bundle

  • Indoor curling set containing pushers, targets and ramp
  • Designed for disabled and able-bodied people of all ages
  • An indoor ice-free adaption of traditional curling
  • Perfect for schools, clubs, activity centres and more


Dispatched in 1-3 days  

Dispatched in 1-3 days

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New Age Kurling Indoor Curling Gold Bundle

The New Age Kurling Indoor Curling Gold Bundle is an easy to set up indoor version of curling, that is suitable for young players, elderly players, able-bodied players and disabled players. Easy to set up and easy to play, this modern take on traditional curling brings hours of fun, ideal for schools, sports clubs, activity centres and more.

What Is New Age Kurling?

New Age Kurling is an indoor adaption of curling that doesn't require ice. This innovative take on the game is extremely accessible, suitable for people of all ages and for people with and without disabilities. It is a highly popular indoor sport that can be played in sports halls, school halls and activity centres.

The accessible design means that players can play from a sitting or kneeling position, allowing disabled players to play against able-bodied friends. Most of all though the game is great fun, ensuring that anyone, whether it be kids or adults, are entertained for hours. For more information about New Age Kurling, check out our New Age Kurling Blog!

What's Included in the New Age Kurling Bundle?

In order to prevent you having to purchase all of the parts separately, this bundle puts all parts into one singular purchase. Your purchase will include:

  • 1 x New Age Kurling Set
  • 1 x Pair of New Age Kurling Pushers
  • 1 x New Age Kurling/Bowls House Target
  • 1 x New Age Kurling Ramp

New Age Kurling Indoor Set
Kurling Indoor Set

New Age Kurling Ramp
Kurling Ramp

New Age Kurling/Bowls House Target
Kurling House Target

New Age Kurling Pushers
Kurling Pushers

What's Included in the New Age Kurling Gold Bundle?

Who is the New Age Kurling Indoor Bundle For?

The defining point of the New Age Kurling set is that it's designed for everyone. Extremely popular among sports clubs and activity centres, this game can be used by kids, adults, and able-bodied and disabled players. Some places where we would recommend using this game include:

  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Sports clubs
  • Activity centres

New Age Kurling can be played anywhere where there is space to play and people willing to play. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, this game is suitable for you.

How Do You Play Indoor Curling?

New Age Kurling is easy to play and easy to set up as in the same style as curling as it follows the same rules as curling with a few minor tweaks. The set does come with an instruction manual, and if you'd like to see online instructions, please see the New Age Kurling Blog.

How Accessible is the New Age Kurling Bundle?

The New Age Kurling Set can be used from the floor, either by sitting, kneeling or from a wheelchair. This means that not only is the game accessible to disabled people, but it means that disable players and able-bodied players can play each other and it will still be a level playing field. The game is also suitable for the elderly and children as it doesn't require much intensity to play the game.

However it will let you use muscles that you haven't used in the past, meaning that it is a good way to keep active no matter what your age. As a result, New Age Kurling is a fantastic way of involving everyone in exercise, sports and fun. Finally, the game can be used as a form of injury rehabilitation, with its easy, low stress style helping post injury players get moving again.

How Easy is the New Age Bundle to Set Up?

The New Age Bundle is extremely easy to set up as the set comes with instructions and easy to see clearly labelled parts. To set up you place the kurling ramp at one end of the hall, the target at the other, and then the game is ready to play. See the New Age Kurling Blog for more instructions on how to play.

The Kurling Gold Bundle is suitable for most sports halls and large spaces, which makes an easy set up for most users. If you are concerned about the size of your hall, the dimensions are as follows:


  • Carry case: 42 x 37cm
  • Kurling stone: 18 x 8cm (each, including handle)
  • Pusher: 13 x 70cm (each, extending)
  • Target: 120 x 120cm
  • Ramp: 177 x 26cm

Are the Parts Easily Damaged?

The parts of the kit are designed using a mixture of plastics and aluminium, meaning that the kit is highly durable and isn't likely to break. However if you do require additional parts, then check out the other bundles available from Health and Care!

How Safe is the Kurling Bundle to Use?

The New Age Kurling Bundle is incredibly safe to use, which is why its well suited to young children, disabled users and the elderly. All of the parts are relatively light, and there isn't room for error when setting up the set. This means that you can have peace of mind when it comes to letting kids play the New Age Bundle.

Does New Age Kurling Require Adult Supervision?

Although the New Age Kurling Set is extremely safe to use, we would still recommend having an adult supervise while children play unless they are above a certain age. Generally, however, kids over a certain age should be able to set up the game on their own.

How Heavy Are the Parts to Pick Up?

None of the parts weigh more than 3kg, aside from the carry case, which weights 10.5kg. This means that the lighter parts of the set can be carried by children who want to set the game up themselves. The full weight specifications are as follows:

  • Kurling stone: 1.3kg (each)
  • Pushers: 400g (pair)
  • Target: 600g
  • Ramp: 3kg

What Do I Do If I Don't Know How to Play?

If you are struggling to set up your game and get playing, or if you want some further information, try getting in touch and sending us an email or calling us on 020 7720 2266.

What is New Age Kurling?

New Age Kurling is a form of the original curling game, but adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall, rather than on ice. Importantly, the game can be played by both able-bodied and disabled people of all ages alike. New Age Kurling has become so popular that it is recognised by most disabled unions in the United Kingdom and is fast becoming a mainstream sport in schools and after school clubs.

We guarantee that this competitive sport will be well accepted and thoroughly enjoyed by all that play. This new sport is now played in 47 countries around the world. New Age Kurling falls into all the government guidelines for exercise and bringing sport into schools.

Where Can I Play New Age Kurling?

New Age Kurling can be played on any flat surface, from the school playground or car-park to a multitude of other surfaces including grass, carpet, vinyl, wood, marble etc. 

How Do I Play New Age Kurling?

New Age Kurling can be played to the standard rules of curling, providing a fun indoor activity for beginners but providing a challenge for those that want to master the sport. Suitable for 2 or 4 players.

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How Do I Play New Age Kurling?

New Age Kurling is a new game that allows everyone to take part. It doesn't matter if you're disabled, elderly, young and old, this accessible game is built so everyone gets a slice of the action. If you want to learn how to play New Age Kurling, please see our informative blog below:

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