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Incontinence Alarms

Shop for Incontinence Alarms at Health and Care. These systems are designed to help parents and carers manage bed wetting in children and patients. A quick response can help parents interrupt bed wetting habits in young children and ensure elderly individuals aren't left in discomfort throughout the night. Our alarms can also be used to detect seizures that bring on vomiting or incontinence.

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Alert-iT Wired Companion Seizure Monitor with Enuresis Detection System
  • Advanced epileptic seizure monitor
  • Movement sensor distinguishes between seizures and normal bed movements
  • Additional moisture sensor for detecting seizures indicated by vomiting or incontinence
  • Wired system - requires the use of a nurse call lead

EnuSens Enuresis Sensor with POCSAG Transmitter and Pager
  • Enuresis sensor, pager, and transmitter
  • Allows you to be alerted when bedwetting occurs
  • Long-range transmission of up to 400m for reliable use
  • Fabric sensor can be machine washed and tumble dried

EnuSens Enuresis Incontinence Sensor and Alarm Kit
  • Complete kit to detect and alert 
  • Can be used in a bed, chair or wheelchair
  • Moisture sensitivity control
  • Tumble dryer safe

EnuSens Enuresis Replacement Incontinence Sensor Only
  • Spare enuresis mat to be used with the Enusens monitor
  • Made from cotton for comfort
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried
  • Suitable for beds, chairs and wheelchairs

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