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Ice Grippers & Snow Shovels

Snow and ice can increase the risk of falls, which can be especially hazardous on work sites where potentially harmful materials may be handled. To prevent trips and falls and improve the general safety of your home or work site, browse our range of Ice Grippers & Snow Shovels. Find shovels for clearing snow, as well as shoes and other accessories for increasing grip when walking on slippery, icy surfaces.

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Anatom Snow Shovel
  • Large powder coated blade;
  • Collapsible shaft;
  • Made from high grade alloy;
  • Great for emergencies.

Anatom Shoe Ice Grips
  • Provide excellent grip;
  • Fits any shoe;
  • Fold down to small size;
  • Great for emergencies.

Drive Medical Walking Stick Ice Grip Attachment
  • Provides grip in snow or icy weather conditions
  • Suitable for most walking sticks and crutches
  • Supplied with screws to easily fit your stick
  • Accessory 'flips up' when it isn't in use

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items