Hush Plugz Foam Barrel Earplugs
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Hush Plugz Foam Barrel Earplugs

  • Classic barrel shaped earplugs
  • Suitable for wide range of ear canals
  • Easy to mould and fit
  • Ideal for sleeping, working etc




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(£4.16 Exc. VAT)

Hush Plugz Foam Barrel Earplugs

The Hush Plugz Foam Barrel Earplugs are classic barrel shaped foam earplugs that provide effective noise protection. The Hush Plugz Foam Barrel Earplugs are easy to use and will fit a wide range of ear canal diamters.


  • Excellent noise reduction performance - SNR 30dB
  • CE marked
  • Ideal for DIY, working, motorsports etc

About Hush Plugz Earplugs

Earplugs are a tried and tested method of reducing background noise in the home or during work or hobbies. Wwimmers earplugs meanwhile are designed to help prevent water entering the ear canal, reducing the risk of infection and pressure. Hugh Plugz are a range of 6 different products, each suitable for various applications.

It is believed that over 30% of the UK population snore, often disturbing the sleep of their partner. For many sufferers and light sleepers. Hush Plugz offer a simple solution to achieve a restful nights sleep.

Some Hush Plugz earplugs are designed to provide significant protection against excessive decibel levels. In the Hush Plugz range there are several that are CE certified, recognising their sound reduction ability. They are manufactured to comply with the harmonised standard for hearing protectors and have a decibel rating (SNR) which can be used as a guide to their ability.


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