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Homecare Range

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Seca 813 Robusta Digital Scales
  • Precision and quality assured by the Seca brand
  • Accommodates weights up to 200kg
  • Extra-tough rubber coated platform
  • Extra-wide platform for ease of use

Seca 719 Supra Digital Scales
  • Stylish and elegantly designed
  • Hip high digital screen readout
  • Superb quality strong construction
  • No need to turn on with 'step off'

Seca 750 Viva Mechanical Scales
  • Simple and stylish addition anywhere
  • Hard wearing weighing platform
  • Steel base with powder coated finish
  • Seca quality and precision assured

Seca 760 Colorata Mechanical Scales
  • Super stylish, 3 colours available
  • Seca's precision and quality assured
  • Natural rubber weighing platform
  • Oversized chrome ringed dial

Seca 761 Sauna Mechanical Scales
  • High quality Seca construction
  • Threefold anti corrosion protection
  • Anti slip steel weighing platform
  • Ideal for use in wet locations

Seca 803 Clara Digital Scales
  • High quality materials, construction
  • Large clear LCD display
  • Seca precision and accuracy
  • Several functions and features

Seca 804 Sensa Digital Scales
  • Chrome electrodes for accuracy
  • Superb quality and design
  • Automatic user recognition
  • Calculates body fat, water and BMI

Seca 807 Aura Digital Scales
  • Extra flat dimensions, easy step on
  • High quality glass weighing platform
  • Stainless steel loading cells
  • Extra large LCD screen

Seca 852 Culina Kitchen Scales
  • Precise scales, graduation of 1g
  • Scales slide into bowl, easy storage
  • TARE function makes using simple
  • Seca build quality

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items