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HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with Batteries
 HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with BatteriesHEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with Batteries 
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HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with Batteries

  • Pocket otoscope for clinics, surgeries and hospitals
  • Maintenance free LED bulb ensures consistent and bright operation
  • Features 3x magnification and sharp reflection-free images
  • Battery powered design features clip to place in pocket


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In stock now

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HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with Batteries

Designed with an onus on practicality, the pocket sized HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with Batteries uses an LED display to provide sharp imagery of the ear, ear canal and tympanum. Its ergonomic, pocket sized, battery powered design aids in ease of use, while the plastic casing and LED light means that it is extremely durable, promising to last for up to 50,000 hours.

What's in the Box?

With your HEINE Mini3000 LED purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x Mini3000 LED Otoscope
  • 1 x Mini3000 Handle
  • 4 x Reusable Tips
  • 5 x 2.5mm Specula
  • 5 x 4mm Specula
  • 2 x AA Batteries

Why Use the HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set?

The HEINE Mini3000 LED Otoscope Set contains a pocket sized otoscope that uses an LED light to provide clear and bright imagery that is 3x magnified. The main advantages of the Mini3000 are that it is sleek and ergonomic, making it extremely handy for use at work with patients. In fact its ergonomic design is perfect for working with patients as it increases speed to increase patient well-being while increasing the accuracy of patient diagnosis.

Another plus is its durability and longevity. It uses a long-lasting LED light that guarantees 20,000 power cycles, ensuring an extremely long-life. Finally it is powered solely on batteries, meaning that you can use the Otoscope out and away from your practice without losing power.

What Can You Perform with the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope Set?

The HEINE Mini3000 Octoscope is designed for practicality. With it you can perform:

  • Patient examination
  • Examination of the ear canal
  • Examination of the tympanum
  • Pneumatic testing of the tympanic membrane (through use of the insufflation port)

What Do You Need to Know About the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope?

There are a number of key things that you need to know about the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope. They include:

  • Colour Temperature: 4,000K
  • Colour Rendering Index: Typically CRI 9>
  • Magnification: x3
  • LED Power: 2.5V
  • Batteries: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Working Life (Batteries will need replacing): Up to 50,000 hours
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of use
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Product Code: D-008.70.120

How Do You Use the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope?

The HEINE Mini3000 is easy to use, and can be charged by placing 2 x AA batteries (supplied) within the Mini3000 handle. Once you've entered the batteries you can turn the device on by pressing the power button down, and then it is ready to use. Additionally if you place the otoscope in your pocket using the special pocket clip, the device will automatically turn off.

Full user instructions will be supplied with your purchase. For an online copy of the instructions, please click the PDF link below.

User Instructions
Instructions for Use

How Clear is the HEINE Mini3000 Imagery?

The HEINE Mini3000 uses an LED light, which means that it burns brighter than a normal bulb. As it burns brighter and more consistently, the image that you will receive through the looking device will be a lot sharper and a lot clearer. Distal fiber optic illumination ensures an unobstructed view of the tympanum and ear canal, while the optimally engineered casing surface offers a sharp, reflection-free image.

How Magnified is the HEINE Mini3000 LED Set?

The Mini3000 Otoscope offers 3x magnification. Considering the device is small and suitable to place in your pocket, this is an impressively high level of magnification that can enable examination and to allow the study of the effects of pneumatic testing of the tympanic membrane. The wide angle lens ensures that you have an uninterrupted view, ideal for reaching an accurate and fast diagnosis.

3x magnification ensures a clear view of the tympanum and ear canal
3x magnification ensures a clear view of the tympanum and ear canal

How Bright is the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope?

LED bulbs offer two things; brightness and longevity. The irremovable LED light in the HEINE Mini3000 is twice as bright as a normal xenon halogen instrument, ensuring bright and clear illumination and outstanding colour rendering. The integrated light modules and apertures provide homogeneous illuminated light, with light fall off on the edge that is so low the human eye will not be able to see it.

Why is the HEINE Mini3000 So Efficient?

The MINI3000 is designed to be efficient, as it uses an LED light that is designed to last for up to 50,000 hours without having to be replaced. As the LED light requires such little energy to operate, you can use normal AA batteries to power the device. This makes it incredibly efficient, meaning that it won't require recharging which gives you a peace of mind that your otoscope won't run out of charge during use.

The LED light will last for up to 50,000 hours
The LED light will last for up to 50,000 hours

How Long Will the HEINE Mini3000 Last Before the Batteries Need Replacing?

As mentioned above, the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope uses LED lights that are powered using two AA batteries. The estimated ON-time is roughly 10 hours, meaning that you should be able to actually use the device for a long time before they need to be replaced.

How Do You Know When It's About to Run Out of Power?

HEINE have thought about this and included a performance indicator and fade out function that work together to warn you when your batteries are running low. Firstly the performance indicator (a bright light that is always shining) will be brightly lit to ensure you that the device is working and it is fully charged. When the light starts to fade out, it corresponds with your battery level meaning that you know exactly when the device is running low on power.

Why is the HEINE Mini3000 Set So Durable?

With an onus on functionality, performance and reliability the HEINE Mini3000 uses special, durable plastics that won't break during use. This helps to make the device extremely efficient and reliable, as you know the device won't break during use. Furthermore the LED light has a lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours, so you can be confident in knowing that the HEINE Mini3000 won't require much maintenance for years.

What Tips Can be Used with the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope?

You'll notice that this Otoscope Set is supplied with HEINE AllSpec disposable and reusable ear tips. The device is suitable for both types, which ensures ease of use and versatility in practice. The tips that come with your purchase are:

  • 4 x Reusable tips
  • 5 x 2.5mm disposable specula
  • 5 x 4mm disposable specula

Why is the HEINE Suitable for Use Out of the Surgery?

If you ever need to use the device out of the surgery, for example if you are a mobile doctor, then the HEINE Mini3000 is ideal for you. Its small and compact design even comes with a clip so that you can attach it to your top pocket while on the move. The battery powered design and the long-lasting LED light, means that you should be able to use the device out of the building for a long period of time without you having to worry about it running out of charge.

How Do You Care for the HEINE Mini3000 Otoscope Set?

The HEINE Mini3000 Set is easy to clean, featuring a swivelling window that can be moved for you to reach the more intricate areas of the product. To clean all parts of the otoscope effectively, please follow these guidelines:

  • Otoscope head: Clean the outside with a soft cloth, inside with a cotton wool bud, if necessary soaked in alcohol. Gas sterilization is permitted and do not soak.
  • Reusable Tips: These can be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized or boiled by any conventional method. Autoclaving is permitted.
  • AllSpec-Tips: Are for single use only. Do not attempt to clean them as the tip may be damaged and could injure the patient.

How Do You Charge the HEINE Mini3000 LED Otoscope Set?

To charge your HEINE Mini3000 LED Set is extremely simple. Simply place two AA batteries within the battery port and then turn your device on. Additionally when you see the light start to dim, you know that it's time to replace your batteries.

What Materials Are in the HEINE Mini3000 Designed?

The Otoscope Set is designed using non-irritant, latex free and phthalate free materials, meaning that they won't irritate the patient or yourself. Its construction consists of:

  • All plastic casing for durability
  • Synthetics
  • Glass

Is This the Otoscope For Me?

If you've found the other HEINE otoscopes on our website and you're wondering which is the best suited for you, then don't worry as we've got you covered. Check out our Otoscope Comparison Blog where we sum up the pros and cons of each HEINE otoscope that we sell.

Conformity Statement

Download the conformity statement for the HEINE Mini3000 below.

Conformity Statement
Conformity Statement

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