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HEINE BETA 200 S LED Direct Ophthalmoscope Set with Rechargeable Handle
  • LED ophthalmoscope for large, crisp and glare-free fundus images
  • Aspherical Optical System eliminates corneal and iris reflexes
  • Suitable for small to large pupils and offers adjustable brightness
  • LED light will never require changing or maintenance

HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O Otoscope Set with 1000 Disposable Tips Saver Pack
  • HEINE BETA 400 Otoscope and 1000 Disposable Tips at a discount
  • Ideal for doctors, GPs and specialists who treat multiple patients per day
  • BETA 400 Otoscope offers exceptional image clarity for accurate diagnosis
  • Disposable tips ensure best hygiene and safety practice

HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with USB Cord and Plug-In Power Supply
  • High quality LED otoscope that provides sharp spatial images
  • Provides 4.2x magnification and brightness adjustable between 3% and 100%
  • Ensures a large field of view of the ear canal and tympanum
  • LED offers optimal brightness, colour rendering and a 100,000 hour lifespan

HEINE K180 F.O. Diagnostic Set with Rechargeable Handle
  • Diagnostic otoscope for unobstructed view of ear canal and tympanum
  • Ideal for use by students, GPs and specialists
  • XHL Xenon Halogen stays bright and illuminated
  • Offers 3x magnification for sharp, distortion-free image

HEINE Mini 3000 Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Student Savers Set
  • Pocket HEINE otoscope and ophthalmoscope at a discount
  • Ideal for students, teachers and doctors in colleges, universities and surgeries
  • LED HQ technology ensures sharp imagery of the eye and ear canal
  • Supplied with two battery handles, four batteries, reusable and disposable tips and a carry case

HEINE Mini 3000 Otoscope Set with 1000 Disposable Tips Saver Pack
  • Pocket Mini 3000 Otoscope and 1000 Disposable AllSpec Tips
  • Ideal for students, GPs and doctors for repeated use throughout the day
  • Mini 3000 Otoscope is portable and offers high clarity images
  • Disposable tips ensure best hygiene and patient safety practice

HEINE BETA 4 USB Rechargeable Handle Set
  • Rechargeable handle, insert and plug in power supply
  • Compatible for all HEINE LED and XHL devices
  • Plug in power supply enables you to charge device at all times
  • Li-ion technology keeps you and your patient safe

HEINE Mini 3000 LED Ophthalmoscope Set with Battery Handle
  • Pocket ophthalmoscope set that offers clear, crisp images
  • Bright illumination for clear and easy ophthalmological examination
  • LED light guarantees an almost unlimited lifetime requiring no maintenance
  • Supplied with a battery handle, batteries and a hard carry case

HEINE BETA 4 USB Rechargeable Handle
  • Rechargeable handle for HEINE LED and XHL devices
  • Ensures that your device will never be without charge
  • Ideal for charging device between seeing patients
  • Higher battery capacity keeps device charged for longer

HEINE Mini3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Set with Batteries
  • Pocket otoscope for clinics, surgeries and hospitals
  • Maintenance free LED bulb ensures consistent and bright operation
  • Features 3x magnification and sharp reflection-free images
  • Battery powered design features clip to place in pocket

HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips (Pack of 1000)
  • Disposable tips for HEINE otoscope devices
  • Ensures you can maintain good hygiene
  • Choice between 2.5mm (infants) and 4.0mm (adults)
  • Supplied as a pack of 1000

HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen Spare Bulb for the HEINE K180 Otoscope
  • Spare bulb for the K180 Otoscope
  • Burns 50% longer than normal halogen bulbs
  • High colour temperature ensures true tissue colour
  • Easy and simple to replace when required

HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips Dispenser (Including 250 Tips)
  • Disposable tips dispenser and 250 tips
  • Helps to ensure examinations are hygienic
  • Suitable for the BETA 400, Mini 3000 and the K180
  • Supplied as a dispenser containing 250 tips

Zipper Pouch for HEINE Otoscopes
  • Zipper pouch to protect your HEINE otoscope
  • Ideal for protecting your otoscope for travel and storage
  • Features dimensions of 110 x 200 x 30mm (WxLxD)
  • Price is per single zipper case

Soft Pouch for HEINE Otoscopes
  • Soft pouch to protect your HEINE otoscope
  • Ideal for safely travelling with or storing your otoscope
  • Features dimensions of 60 x 230 x 40mm (WxLxD)
  • Price is per singular soft pouch

HEINE Reusable Ear Tips (Pack of 4)
  • Reusable tips for HEINE otoscope devices
  • Ideal for ensuring your device remains hygienic
  • Suitable for the BETA 400, Mini 3000 and the K180
  • Choice between 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm

HEINE Insufflation Bulb for HEINE Otoscopes
  • HEINE insufflation bulb for pneumatic testing
  • For HEINE K180 and Heine BETA 400 S Otoscopes
  • Enables testing of the tympanic membrane
  • Simple and easy to attach to otoscope

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