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Heine Dermatoscopes and Accessories

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HEINE Delta 20 T Dermatoscope Set with Rechargeable USB Handle
  • Features a high-quality dermatoscope for crystal clear imagery
  • Focusing system delivers 10x to 16x magnification for small structure examination
  • Unrivalled precision optics enables the best diagnosis
  • Supplied with a rechargeable battery handle and USB power supply

HEINE Mini 3000 LED Dermatoscope Set with Battery Handle and Batteries
  • Pocket sized dermatoscope with homogeneous illumination and colour rendering
  • High quality colour-optic system offers distortion free 10x magnification
  • Durable and long-lasting LED illumination offers 20,000 switch cycles
  • One-hand operation ensures easy, flexible diagnosis during examinations

HEINE BETA 4 USB Rechargeable Handle
  • Rechargeable handle for HEINE LED and XHL devices
  • Ensures that your device will never be without charge
  • Ideal for charging device between seeing patients
  • Higher battery capacity keeps device charged for longer

HEINE Dermatoscopy Oil (10ml x 6)
  • Dermatoscopy oil designed to prevent reflexes
  • Makes examination of a patient far easier
  • Supplied in boxes containing 10ml
  • Supplied in a pack of 6 boxes

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items