Heine Binocular Loupes

Welcome to our market-leading HEINE Binocular Loupe range. Whatever your field may be, these Binocular Loupes are a perfect solution to obtain sharp, crisp and highly magnified images.

HEINE Binocular Loupes set a benchmark for design, hightech materials and precise manufacturing methods. They provide exceptional image quality with edge-to-edge definition and a large field of view.

Various magnifications (from 2x to 6x), working distances, wearing modes and illumination systems are available specifically for the HEINE Binocular Loupes,  complementing them perfectly.

HEINE Binocular Loupes are used in many disciplines, including: General Medicine, Dermatology, Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Neurosurgery, ENT, Ophtalmology, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.