Heelift Suspension Boot
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Heelift Suspension Boot

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  • Reliable pressure relief boot to prevent heel pressure ulcers
  • Ideal for high-risk patients, and those already suffering from ulcers
  • Available with two lining options: Smooth and Convoluted
  • Suitable also for bariatric patients
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Heelift Suspension Boot

The heel is the second most common site for pressure ulcer development, which can, if not treated properly, lead to osteomyelitis and even limb amputation. The Heelift Suspension Boot is one of the most reliable products on the market that works by cradling and cushioning the lower leg with the heel elevated in protected space, which reduces the chances for irritation or pressure points.

What Is the Heelift Suspension Boot?

One of the highest quality products for heel pressure ulcer prevention on the market, the Heelift Suspension Boot eliminates pressure as the heel is floated in protective space. Using the Heelift Suspension Boot together with scheduled turning of the patient and careful monitoring has been clinically proven to help reduce heel pressure prevalence over time. Watch the video below to learn more about the Heelift Suspension Boot:

How Does the Heelift Suspension Boot Work?

The Heelift Suspension Boot completely eliminates pressure as the heel is floated in protective space. The boot offloads the pressure from the heel and redistributes the pressure to the calf, preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers. A gentle cradling and cushioning of the lower leg with the heel elevated in protective space reduces the chances for irritation or pressure points.

How Can I Prevent and Cure Heel Pressure Ulcers?

Because of its thin layer of subcutaneous tissue between the skin and bone, the heel is the second most common site for pressure ulcer development (after the sacrum). The easiest way to treat heel ulcers is to prevent them, and you can do this simply by elevating the patient's calf on a pillow, small towel, or folded bath blanket to suspend the heel off the bed. For best results, however, it's recommended to use a specialised device, such as the Heelift Boot, to elevate the legs, minimise pressure, friction and shear.

Who Is the Heelift Suspension Boot Suitable For?

The Heelift Suspension Boot can play an integral role in heel pressure ulcer prevention regimens for susceptible, high-risk patients, as well as for patients already suffering from heel pressure ulcers. Risk factors for the development of heel pressure ulcers include:

  • Age
  • Decreased sensation in the lower extremities from spinal cord injuries or neurological diagnoses
  • Moisture from perspiration or incontinence
  • Poor nutrition
  • Circulatory complications
  • Friction or shearing caused by dragging or sliding a patient across bed sheets, which can allow unprotected heels to rub on the bed surface

How Comfortable Is This Heelift Boot?

The Heelift Suspension Boot is not only efficient in heel pressure ulcer prevention, but exceptionally comfortable for the patient as well. The boot comes with a range of features that ensure maximum comfort and safe use, including:

  • Extended Stitching: Located along the top rim, the added stitching narrows the forefoot and increases support to provide improved protection against foot drop, equines deformity, or heel cord contracture.
  • Rounded Straps: Easy-to-use, soft straps can be adjusted to accommodate the patient's specific needs.
  • Friction-Free Tricot Backing: Unlike other suspension products, which often have sharp edges on the back that can rub against the patient's other leg, the Heelift is manufactured with a smooth tricot backing that aids in patient mobility, and helps ensure patient safety.
  • Ventilation Holes: Ventilation holes provide additional air circulation to promote increased patient comfort. Heelift is 40% lighter than pillow-style boots.
  • Tricot Covered Stiffener: Prevents the Heelift from buckling for added patient comfort and safety.
  • Forefoot Support: Spring back technology helps to keep the foot upright.

How Do I Fit the Heelift Suspension Boot?

Heelift Application Step 1 Step 1: Open up the Heelift Suspension Boot. Set the extra pad aside. Keep it available, as you may need it later to further customise the boot.
Heelift Application Step 2 Step 2: Place the foot inside the boot with the heel positioned above the heel suspension opening. The heel should hang over the bottom elevation pad.
Heelift Application Step 3 Step 3: Pull the closure straps over the shin towards the D-Rings. Use hook-and-loop closures to secure the straps. Leave flaps slightly open to provide added ventilation.
Heelift Application Step 4 Step 4: Test for the proper fit. You should be able to fit your fingers between the heel opening and the bed. The boot should not move freely on the leg.

If you require further information on the application and customisation of the Heelift Suspension Boot, click the PDF icon below to view the Application and Fitting Guide.

Application and Fitting Guide
Application and Fitting Guide

Is the Heelift Suspension Boot Suitable for Bariatric Patients?

Yes, the Heelift Suspension Boot is available in three sizes: Petite, Standard and Bariatric. The largest of the three is suitable for patients weighing between 100kg and 272kg (15.5 - 43 stone), with calf circumference between 30cm and 58cm (12" - 23").

Which Style Is Right for Me?

The Heelift Suspension Boot is designed to provide a proper fit, which is why it's available in three sizes, Petite, Standard and Bariatric, and in two interiors: Smooth and Convoluted.

The Heelift Smooth Suspension Boot has a flat inner lining. This makes it ideal for patients with swollen (edematous) legs, as it will not create impressions on the leg.

Heelift Smooth Suspension Smooth
Heelift Smooth Suspension Smooth

The Heelift Convoluted Suspension Boot has an egg-carton-like foam lining. It is cooler to wear.

Heelift Convoluted Suspension Boot
Heelift Convoluted Suspension Boot

The type you need depends on the user's specific requirements. You can select the preferred option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

How Do I Find the Right Size?

The Heelift Suspension Boot is available in three sizes, Petite, Standard and Bariatric. The size you need depends on two things: body weight and calf circumference. To find the right size, measure the circumference of the leg at the calf's widest point and consult the table below:

Size Calf Measurement (cm) Calf Measurement (Inches) Weight Range (kg) Weight Range (stone) Dimensions
Petite 15 - 25cm 6" - 10" 32 - 59kg 5 - 9 stone Petite Heelift Suspension Boot
Standard 20 - 43cm 8" - 17" 54 - 114kg 8.5 - 18 stone Standard Heelift Suspension Boot
Bariatric 30 - 58cm 12" - 23" 100 - 272kg 16 - 43 stone Bariatric Heelift Suspension Boot

Can I Customise This Heelift Boot?

The suspension boot should be used alongside medical care, but can be customised for a range of conditions or special needs. This includes:

  • Longer Legs: Place the extra pad slightly more outward than the fixed pad.
  • Hip Rotation: Remove the adhesive backing from the spare pad and secure it in a horizontal position to the outer side of the boot under the closure straps.

Heelift Suspension Boot Hip Rotation
Customised for hip rotation

  • Foot Drop: Cut the spare pad in half, remove the adhesive backing and secure the spare pad in a vertical position behind the sole of the foot.
  • Malleolar Decubitus: Cut away foam on the fixed pad surrounding the ankle as needed.

Customised for Malleolar Decubitus
Customised for Malleolar Decubitus

  • Achilles Tendon: If redness occurs in this area, cut a “V” shape out of the fixed pad. If using both pads, customise the upper pad.

Can I Wash the Heelift Suspension Boot?

To maintain proper levels of hygiene, we recommend washing and sanitising the boot regularly. You can do this in four ways:

  • Hand wash by using mild cleanser and warm water.
  • Machine wash and dry. Make sure to secure straps and place the boot in a net laundry bah or pillowcase.
  • Sanitise after washing by using an antiseptic spray.
  • Sterilise by using standard protocols with a steam autoclave. Allow a few hours to cool and dry completely.

Key Features of the Heelift Suspension Boot

  • Added stitching along the top rim narrows the forefoot and increases support
  • Easy-on, easy-off adjustable straps for comfort
  • Friction free tricot backing aids patient mobility and prevents rubbing
  • Ventilation holes increase comfort
  • Tricot covered stiffener prevents the boot from buckling
  • Forefoot support with spring back technology keeps the foot upright
  • Can be hand and machine washed improved hygiene
  • Available with two types of foam, and in three sizes
  • Made of latex-free polyurethane foam for minimal skin irritation
  • Extra elevation pad can be trimmed for a customised fit

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Heelift boot
Saturday, 11 May 2019  | 

The boot does keep the heel off the bed but doesnt stay in position. It might have been a better fit if I had ordered the smaller size

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The Heelift Suspension Boot
Thursday, 11 September 2014  | 

A few years a go my brother got an infection in his heel as he is a quarto pelagic and gets spasms in his legs at night these heelift suspension boot is a great help thanks to it no more infections

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