Orthosleeve FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeves
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Heel Lifts

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Clearly Adjustable Leg Length Discrepancy Insole
  • Can elevate foot height and leg length by up to 19mm
  • Fits most shoes and can be trimmed down to size
  • Combats leg length discrepancy during use
  • Fully adjustable in 1mm height increments

Evenup Shoe Balancer
  • Equalises your lower limb length when wearing a walker boot or boot cast
  • Can improve comfort, wearability and make movement easier during recovery
  • Fits a range of shoe sizes, is ambidextrous and is adjustable with strapping
  • EVA sole absorbs shock for reducing impact on your injury

Langer Heel Lifts
  • Soften heel impacts and balance leg length discrepancies
  • Adhesive backed for easy application
  • Soft polyurethane construction
  • Six pairs per pack

Tred-Lite Ezi Rize Insoles (Pair)
  • Adjustable heel raiser for effective support
  • Can be adjusted from 3 to 15mm tall to suit you
  • Multi layered EVA for durable, long-term use
  • Suitable for posture related symptoms

Tred-Lite Ezi Rize Insole (Single)
  • Adjustable heel raiser for effective support
  • Can be adjusted from 3 to 15mm tall to suit you
  • Multi layered EVA for durable, long-term use
  • Suitable for posture related symptoms

Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift
  • Shapes to your shoe for enhanced pain-relief and comfort
  • Clear and durable vinyl foundation is long-lasting
  • Fine control of elevation for customised comfort
  • Available in 3 different sizes for a guaranteed fit

Proheel Heel Elevators
  • Pair of heel elevators designed to raise the heel
  • Robust heel cup enhances stability and raises a discrepant limb
  • Anti-bacterial microfibre top cover and additional self-adhesive 3mm heel raise
  • Shock-absorbing EVA construction reduces shock and impact

Adjust-A-Lift Leg Length Discrepancy Heel Lift
  • Treats plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendinitis and more
  • Helps reduce the effects of leg length discrepancy
  • Includes three 3mm stages for customisation
  • Heel lift with three fully adjustable layers

Footmedics Impact Gel Heel Pads
  • Made from specialised impact gel to protect against shock
  • Anti-friction top coat counters the blistering and shearing effects of sports shoes
  • By combating the direct force of shock on the feet and legs, knee and back pain are prevented
  • Ideal for sports, high-impact activities and heavy lifting

Rehband QD Heel Wedges
  • Pair of heel wedges to reduce load and relieve discomfort
  • Ideal for athletes who suffer from pain caused by Achilles tendon issues
  • Innovative and unique Technogel material absorbs shock
  • Prevents injuries, improves existing injuries and increases stability

Thuasne Elastocalx N Heel Cushion
  • Symmetrical, flat-ended heel cushion with even sides
  • Ideal for relief of heel and knee pain
  • Made from silicone for shock-absorption
  • Supplied as a single heel cushion for either foot

LP Sorbson Heel Pads
  • Deliver shock absorption, cushioning and support to heels and feet
  • Dissipate heel shock to reduce stress on the ankle
  • Help to prevent injury resulting from torques to the feet
  • Suitable for use with sports, casual and outdoor footwear

Pedag Stabil Heel Pads
  • Strong pad to lift the heel
  • Relieves the Achilles tendon
  • Levels out different length legs
  • Absorbs moisture in the shoe

OrthoSole Heel Lift Shoe Insoles
  • Heel lifts for additional support either with or without insoles
  • Suitable for a wide range of ailments including plantar fasciitis
  • Self-adhesive backing for easier fixing to shoes
  • Available in 6 depths from 4mm to 15mm

Pro11 Ultra Comfort Velour Heel Pads
  • Shock-absorbing silicone heel pads
  • Reduce heel pain and prevent injury
  • Alleviate plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis
  • Antibacterial velour cover for reduced odour

Tuli's Gel Metatarsal Cushions
  • Gel cushions to relieve pressure on the metatarsal
  • No need for adhesive to keep them in place
  • Easy to remove for use in multiple pairs of shoes
  • Can be trimmed to fit your preferred shoe

Sidas Hard Heel Inserts
  • Reduce stress on the heel by keeping it raised
  • Don't suffer heel and ankle pain unnecessarily
  • Able to compensate for leg length discrepancy
  • Lifts available in both 4mm and 6mm versions

Basic Heel Elevators
  • Heel lifts for leg length discrepancy, Achilles tendonitis and heel pain
  • Can be used on their own or with orthotics and shoe insoles
  • Self-adhesive backing means that the elevators stay in place during use
  • Available in six thicknesses and three sizes for most users

Page 1 of 1:    19 Items

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