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Ladies Hernia Briefs
  • 100% cotton; 
  • With hernia pads;
  • Effective abdominal support; 
  • Breathable antibacterial fabric.

Men's Hernia Briefs
  • Breathable anti-bacterial fabric to prevent bacteria forming
  • Includes optional hernia pads to increase compression
  • Offers effective abdominal support to improve tension
  • Made from 100% cotton for premium comfort

BioSkin Compression Shorts
  • Shorts offering high levels of compression
  • Ensures safe recovery
  • Fully supports injury site for healthy rehabilitation
  • Choose additional straps for further support

Men's Hernia Boxer Shorts
  • Boxer shorts with hernia pads
  • Breathable antibacterial fabric 
  • Effective abdominal support
  • Comfortable and easy to wear

Thermoskin Hip and Groin Support
  • Compression support for relief from injury-related pain and swelling
  • Ideal for hip or groin strain, displacement and tendonitis
  • Three-layer lining to promote quicker recovery times 
  • Lightweight and breathable design for comfortable use

McDavid Neoprene Short
  • Provides soft tissue support;
  • Provides warmth;
  • For athletes;
  • For thigh, groin,abdomen.

Thuasne Ortel Hernia Truss
  • Removable and repositionable silicone pads
  • Available in unilateral or bilateral versions
  • Suitable for pre- or post-operative support
  • Ideal for reducible inguinal hernias

Bodymedics Hernia Belt
  • Designed to eliminate discomfort associated with inguinal hernias
  • Direct pressure is applied via the use of anatomically-shaped pads
  • Removable pads allowing double or single-sided application
  • Available in four different sizes suitable for most users

Neo G Groin Support
  • Ideal for groin strains and sprains.
  • Adjustable groin support shorts allowing variable compression.
  • Enables you to customise the level of support.
  • Ensure good blood flow to the groin.

Mueller Athletic Supporter
  • High quality supporter;
  • 3" heat resistant waistband;
  • Full cut knitted mesh pouch;
  • Comfortable elastic leg straps.

Mueller Supporter with Conventional Cup
  • Knitted mesh pouch;
  • 3 inch waistband
  • Retains elasticity after washing;
  • Conventional moulded cup.

LP Male Athletic Support with Protective Cup
  • Provides support and lift for males in sports
  • Helps to avoid injury during exercise
  • Includes an impact-resistant cup for protection
  • Ideal for training or any sporting activity

LP Male Athletic Support
  • Provides support and lift for males in sports
  • Helps to avoid injury during exercise
  • Made of durable and comfortable materials
  • Ideal for training or any sporting activity

Vulkan Athletic Groin Support
  • Lightweight material to ensure no additional weight is applied during sports
  • Provides comfortable support for unhindered movement during physical activity
  • Separate box compartment for inserting a guard for extra protection
  • Available in a choice of sizes for optimal support and protection

Replacement Flexcup for McDavid Supporter
  • Effective protection against direct impacts
  • Five airflow ports for effective breathability
  • Soft edges provide comfortable and secure fit
  • Designed for the McDavid Supporter

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