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Geriatric Patient Care Manikins

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Advanced Geri Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin
  • Geriatric anatomical model for medical training
  • Ideal for teaching nursing care
  • Lifelike range of motion enables more realistic training
  • Simulates over 35 nursing and medical procedures

Complete Geri Nursing Skills Manikin
  • Complete, life-like range of motion for realistic positioning
  • Manikin is light in weight and simulates a full-size adult
  • Elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds
  • Offers a well-rounded education on procedures

Basic Geri Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin
  • Manikin has a realistic appearance
  • Simulates a range of techniques
  • Easily converts to a male model
  • Has a realistic range of motion

Optional Pressure Ulcer Foot for Geri and KERI Patient Care Manikins
  • Attachable foot model with ulcers
  • Designed for use with Geri or KERI care manikins
  • Demonstrates four stages of ulceration in prime locations
  • Easy to attach to any compatible manikin

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items