Versaclimber Sportsmedical
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Versaclimber Sportsmedical

  • Intelligent console;
  • Enables isolated training of limbs/trunk;
  • Full or part body workout;
  • Fully adjustable.


Dispatched in 5-10 days  

Dispatched in 5-10 days

£5,299.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£4,416.66 Exc. VAT)

Includes Free Delivery & Installation with a Versaclimber engineer

Versaclimber Sportsmedical

The Versaclimber Sportsmedical is used by physiotherapists, sports doctors, hospitals and rehabilitation centres all over the world to provide gym users, fitness enthusiasts and sports people with rehabilitative training whilst recovering from injury.

The Versaclimber Sportsmedical is a unique piece of rehabilitation equipment enables that training that isolates muscle groups and accomodates the most common sports injuries.  

The Versaclimber Sportsmedical features a sleek black frame and state-of-the-art Polar compatible console but is still true to its main purpose of rehabilitation therapy.


  • Three Level Rehabilitation System 
  • Polar compatible user-friendly console
  • Specialised volume-controlled voice instruction
  • Especially useful for disabled users
  • Polar compatible heart rate monitor
  • Arm extensions and floor mats also available.

Three Level Rehabilitation System:

  • Designed to cater for all types of sports injuries
  • Level One is non-weight-beating, seated and leg isolated workout
  • Level Two is a partial-weight-bearing, seated arm and leg exercise
  • Level Three is a full-weight-bearing standing arm and leg exercise

Ideal for:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports doctors
  • Sports injury clinics
  • Injured athletes


  • Small footprint
  • Intelligent console
  • Enables isolated training of limbs/trunk
  • Fully adjustable
  • Full or party body workout


  • Floor space: 1219mm x 1219mm (48"x48")
  • Height: 2388mm (94")
  • Weight: 70kg (155lbs) 
Price includes free delivery and installation with a Versaclimber engineer. 
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