Trulife Relax Coolcell Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion
 Trulife Relax Coolcell Pressure Relief Wheelchair CushionTrulife Relax Coolcell Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion 
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Trulife Relax Coolcell Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

  • Effective pressure relief cushion for wheelchairs
  • Unique combination of air and cooling gel technology
  • Provides soothing cooling as well as pressure relief
  • Suitable for high risk patients
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Trulife Relax Coolcell Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

For users of wheelchairs, it's important to have the best cushion possible, as pressure sores resulting from contact with conventional seating surfaces can develop into dangerous pressure sores. The Trulife Relax Coolcell Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion represents a sophisticated solution to these problems, using a unique combination of air and cooling gel technology to provide effective pressure relief, comfort and cooling to high risk users.

Combined Cooling Power of Air and Gel

This pressure relief cushion sets itself apart from the competition by using two, not just one, methods of pressure relief and cooling. The cooling additive gel inside the cushion helps to draw heat away from the body, leaving the user cool and comfortable. In addition, this cushion features 34 interconnected air-filled cells, which allow constant air movement across the surface of the cushion. These two cooling forces combine to provide an unrivalled level of cooling, for a comfortable and safe sitting experience.


Advanced TruGel Technology

The cooling gel inside this revolutionary cushion isn't like your standard pressure relief gel. Instead, this specially formulated TruGel is silicone based, to provide superior impact dampening properties. This gel enhances the pressure-distribution of the cushion, minimising the effects of harmful shear forces. Additionally, the gel absorbs heat, providing a positive effect on skin temperature, adding extra cooling and comfort to the user.

Carefully Designed Air Circulation

The Relax Coolcell pressure relief cushion is designed so that when pressure is applied, air circulates to each of the cells. This circulation distributes weight evenly, reducing the natural high pressure concentrations that would normally form around bony prominences in the user's body. The CoolCell is made up of three layers of polyurethane (PU), with a thickness of 1mm, making it highly durable and highly resistant to puncture.

Lightweight and Hygienic

This cushion is manufactured to be lightweight, making it extremely easy to transport, for versatility and ease of use. Easily inflatable and simple to adjust, the CoolCell cushion's clear protective PU film is easy to wipe clean, making it hygienic and suitable for incontinent users. 

About Trulife Relax

Trulife is an internationally based company known for their engagement in the creation, development and manufacture of quality niche healthcare products. They are based on a belief in serving customer needs through excellence in product innovation, quality, extensive education, and development of patient care through committed and dedicated people. 

Starting out making breast prostheses to improve the lives of women with breast cancer in 1987, Trulife later pursued other uses for silicone. In 1995, Trulife began manufacturing pressure relieving products to relieve pressure relieving sores, as silicone is compatible with skin, durable and excellent at relieving pressure. This has led to their Relax wheelchair range, which have been praised for their high quality and affordability.

Included with the Trulife Relax CoolCell Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

  • 1 x Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion
  • 1 x Outer cover (Black waterproof or spacer fabric)
  • 1 x First aid kit
  • 1 x Pump

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