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Geemarc Ring Indicators

Welcome to our range of Geemarc Ring Indicators, ideal for people that struggle to hear a phone ringing. Leading manufacturer Geemarc produce a range of innovative ring indicators that make daily life easier for those with hearing difficulties. Augment your telephone, doorbell or morning alarm with shakers, lights or extra-loud ringers depending on your preference.

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Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Ultra Low Energy Amplified Cordless Phone with Ringer and Doorbell
  • Pack of amplified products to make your daily life easier
  • Ideal for the hard of hearing and the elderly
  • Offers complete control over phone calls and doorbell
  • Includes four products at a reduced price

Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Ultra Low Energy Ringer
  • Visual and audible ringing indicator
  • Ideal for people with severe hearing loss
  • Ringing volume of up to 90dB
  • Works with an AmpliDECT 595 phone or doorbell

Geemarc Amplicall 6 Smart Bulb
  • Offers visual warnings for those who are hard of hearing
  • Available in two brightness levels: low and regular mode
  • Compatible with other Amplicall doorbell amplifiers
  • Supplied with a remote control (15m range)

Geemarc Shaker Ringer Indicator
  • Vibrating incoming call indicator
  • Can be placed under pillow or cushion
  • Compatible with a range of Geemarc Amplified Phones
  • Available in Black or White

Geemarc Amplicall 10 Telephone Ring Indicator
  • Plug into your standard telephone to increase the ringing volume to an incredible 95dB
  • Strobe flashes when phone rings to alert you to a call visually
  • Four alarm options
  • Wall mountable

Geemarc Amplicall 1 Doorbell
  • To be used with Amplicall 16 and Amplicall 20
  • Long wireless range from the doorbell to the main unit (30m)
  • Small and stylish design that never looks out of place
  • Equipped with strong adhesive tape that sticks to most surfaces

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items